Cardiff Council Update: 21 May 2024

Here is your Tuesday update, covering:

  • New guide to help reduce the risk of dementia
  • Cardiff Lord Mayor reflects on 'busy and delightful' year in office
  • Cardiff foster carer shares family recipe in new celeb-backed cookbook
  • Discover your inner Robinson Crusoe with a visit to Flat Holm


New guide to help reduce the risk of dementia

A new resource to help residents in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan understand how to reduce their likelihood of developing dementia has been launched.

The guide - ‘Reducing your risk of developing dementia', provides information about some of the risk factors associated with developing dementia and how making changes now can help keep your body healthy and prevent damage to your brain.

The guide which has been produced in partnership by Dementia Friendly Cardiff, Dementia Friendly Vale and Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, was launched at a special Dementia Friendly Cardiff Festival at Llanover Hall.

The guide will be available in Hubs and Libraries, as well as other community locations, across Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan.

A range of organisations and services to support people living with dementia and their families were at the Dementia Friendly Cardiff Festival, including: the Council's Independent Living Services, Wellbeing Support Service and Telecare/Meals on Wheels, as well as the Forget-me-not Chorus and the Welsh Ambulance Service.

The Dementia Friendly Cardiff website  is another useful resource providing details of events in the local community, as well as a wealth of advice and resources to assist people living with dementia and their carers to access the support they need.

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Cardiff Lord Mayor reflects on 'busy and delightful' year in office­­­­­­

With around 270 official engagements under her belt, including tree-planting ceremonies, charity fund-raisers, Royal salutes and school visits, no-one can say Bablin Molik has spent the past year as Cardiff's Lord Mayor twiddling her thumbs.

"It's been both busy and delightful at the same time," she said. "I knew it would be an honour and a privilege to serve as Cardiff's first citizen and I didn't want to miss any of it. Every engagement has been delightful in its own way."

Even before her diary began to fill up, her year was always going to be memorable. As the first woman of colour, and the first Muslim to serve as Cardiff's Lord Mayor, she has been something of a trailblazer. But it's a tribute to her capacity for hard work that she has taken it all in her stride.

She has managed to fulfil her duties while, at the same time, working as the CEO of Sight Cymru, a charity supporting people with sight loss in Wales, continuing to handle her casework as a ward councillor for Cyncoed, and - not least - helping her husband bring up two daughters.

"I wanted to prove it can be done," she said. "As women, we often think it's not possible for us due to other responsibilities we have, it was important to me to show working women with care responsibilities could do these things and do them well. It's been hard work - and some weeks have been more tiring than others - but it was an experience I would not have wanted to miss."

Cllr Molik ends her year as Lord Mayor at the Council's annual general meeting on Thursday (May 23) when she will be succeeded by her current deputy, Cllr Jane Henshaw. Her deputy for the year will be Cllr Helen Lloyd Jones.

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Cardiff foster carer shares family recipe in new celeb-backed cookbook

Foster Carer Claire contributed a recipe to ‘Bring something to the table', a new book full of recipes and life-changing fostering moments from carers and care experienced people.

She hopes sharing their fostering moments will encourage more people to become carers.

Recent research by Foster Wales - the national network of local authority fostering services - found people are often put off applying to become a foster carer because they don't believe they have the ‘right' skills and experience.

In its new cookbook - Bring something to the table - Foster Wales highlights the simple things, a carer can offer - like the security of a regular meal, family time around the table, and creating new food favourites.

Bring something to the table has over 20 recipes, including recipes from the foster care community, and celebrity chefs.

MasterChef Winner, Wynne Evans; Young MasterChef Judge, Poppy O'Toole; and cook/author Colleen Ramsey have contributed recipes. Also featured are Olympic athlete and foster care campaigner, Fatima Whitbread, who was herself in care.

Former Great British Bake-Off contestant Jon Jenkins and comedian Kiri Pritchard Mclean also added recipes - drawing on their personal experiences as foster carers.

When the young people arrived at Cardiff foster carer Claire's home, they used to take food from the cupboards and hide food in their pockets to save for later.

"They had never eaten as a family", Claire explained. "Now sitting down as a family is something we do every day, it's a great time to chat about the day and also time to have a joke, talk about things we've done in the day and places we've been."

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Discover your inner Robinson Crusoe with a visit to Flat Holm

If you've ever had the urge to explore a beautiful island, get back to nature and discover your inner Robinson Crusoe you now have the chance - and it's just five miles off the coast of Cardiff.

Flat Holm, the little emerald jewel in the Bristol Channel, can seem close enough to touch on a clear sunny day and its appeal has been drawing settlers to its shore for more than 2,000 years. Since the Bronze Age it has attracted a colourful array of farmers, pioneers, soldiers and scientists, all drawn to its unique qualities.

Now, Cardiff Council - which owns the island - is inviting you to join those who've explored and enjoyed this Site of Special Scientific Interest and Local Nature Reserve. With the help of the wildlife experts and wardens who maintain Flat Holm, it has announced a season of day events and short residential stays for individuals and groups.

Described as "a unique and rewarding experience if you are up for the challenge and adventure of life on a small, remote island", the visits include hostel-style accommodation in a converted farmhouse and a chance to learn new skills, make special memories and forge lasting friendships.

Cllr Jennifer Burke, the Council's Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks, Events and Venues, said Flat Holm was one of the lesser known jewels among Cardiff's green spaces. "It is quite a beautiful and historic place," she said. "As a nature reserve, we have to protect it but I'm delighted that we can open it up in a limited way through these cultural and well-being visits."

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