Our City: Our Language – Capital’s new one-stop-shop website for all things Welsh


There's a new dragon in town this St David's Day, and her name is Tesni!

Tesni is the face of a brand new website launched today, on our patron saint's day to promote the Welsh language in the capital city.

Following a citywide competition for school pupils to give the dragon a name, won by Annabel from year one at Whitchurch Primary School, Tesni guides visitors to the new website Our City: Our Language.

The site provides a wealth of information on services, activities, events and opportunities to use Welsh in Cardiff for citizens of all ages and includes sections on early years provision, education, student life and more.

As well as English and Welsh, a welcome message to the site is also available in nine languages commonly used in Cardiff, to promote the language and Welsh language services and opportunities to all communities in the city.

Leader of Cardiff Council, Cllr Huw Thomas, said: "On St David's Day, we remember the well-known words of our patron saint - do the little things.

"It is my pleasure this year to mark our patron saint's day by doing the little things and announcing the launch of our brand-new website that highlights all opportunities to use Welsh in our capital, as well as raising awareness of our rich history and culture here in Cardiff.

"Our vision is for Cardiff to be a truly bilingual capital, to grow and nurture the use of Welsh in the city. This new website is a must-visit for anyone looking for information about the Welsh language here. I know it's going to be a valuable resource that helps us promote Welsh to all of our citizens.

"Huge congratulations to Annabel from Whitchurch Primary School for coming up with the winning name in our competition. We think Tesni, meaning ‘warmth from the sun' is the perfect name for the dragon that will take visitors to the website on a journey across our capital city."

As a prize for naming Tesni who lives in Cardiff Castle, Annabel and her Year 1 class friends at Whitchurch Primary School have been invited on a visit to the Castle for a tour of the city's iconic landmark. Cabinet Member for Education, Cllr Sarah Merry will present the prize to Annabel at her school today, including a Lego dragon and a dragon puppet.


To visit the new website, visit