Bringing Science to life at Howardian Primary School


As part of their STEM week studies, Year 6 pupils at Howardian Primary School have welcomed the Chief Scientific Advisor for Wales, Professor Jas Pal Badyal FRS.

The Professor visited school to talk about biomimetics and gave a fascinating talk showcasing how scientists learn from and replicate nature for engineering and manufacturing purposes.

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The children learned about special meshes based on the Stenocara beetle, that can abstract water from the air and an exceptional waterproof coating for mobile phones, based on the surface of cabbages!


Headteacher Helen Hoyle said the talk was engrossing. "It was amazing to learn how everyday nature was giving scientists the ideas for solving some of the more complex problems of the modern day by examining nature and how it adapts to the environment. The children were inspired and excited to see how scientists drew inspiration from the world around them.