Six new skateparks proposed for Cardiff


A plan to invest in Cardiff's skatepark infrastructure and which could see six new skateparks built by 2032 and many existing skateparks converted into modern concrete based facilities, has been revealed by Cardiff Council.

The ‘Skateboard Amenities Strategy,' which was developed by Cardiff Council with the support of internationally renowned skate park consultants Van de Zalm and New Line Skate Parks, aims to support and grow the skateboarding community, foster a diverse user group, and create skate amenities that support a wide range of uses and skill levels.

Cabinet Member for Culture, Parks and Events, Cllr Jennifer Burke, said: "We want as many people as possible to take part in physical activity and the great thing about skateboarding is that, as well as being a relatively low-cost sport to get involved in, it also appeals to people of all ages - from young children and teenagers, to older skaters, some of who are now introducing their own kids to the sport."

"Modern, purpose-built concrete skateparks are quieter, higher quality, and require less maintenance than wooden and steel-framed facilities and will ensure Cardiff's vibrant and diverse skateboard community can continue to grow and thrive."

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A young skater enjoying the new ‘spot' and ‘dot' facilities in Maltings Park in Splott.

If agreed at a Cardiff Council Cabinet Meeting on Thursday, January 18th, the strategy would see four new destination skateparks built, serving north, east, west and centre of Cardiff. Each facility would be more than 1,200m2.

The south of the city, which is already home to Cardiff's only existing concrete destination skatepark, would benefit from anew neighbourhood skatepark between 600-1,200m2.

The strategy also suggests that the development of an Olympic standard skatepark facility in the city should be considered to further the sport in Wales at a competitive level.

A framework for introducing rain-sheltered facilities, and smaller ‘spot' and ‘dot' skate facilities such as those at the recently refurbished Maltings Park in Splott, into existing parks is also set out in the strategy.

How innovative skateable spaces, where facilities are incorporated safely into the wider public realm by commercial developers, could be encouraged is also considered in the new strategy.

Prior to the Cabinet meeting, the Skateboard Amenities Strategy will be scrutinised by the Economy & Culture Scrutiny Committee, at 4.00pm on 16thJanuary 2024. Papers for the meeting, and a live webcast on the day, are available here:

The report will then be discussed by Cabinet at a meeting on Thursday 18th January 2024, at 2pm. Papers related to the meeting will be published here, where a live webcast of the meeting will also be available.