1.6 tonnes of coffee pods have been recycled in Cardiff since April this year


1.6 tonnes of coffee pods have been recycled from over 2,600 properties in Cardiff since April this year.

The new scheme allows households to sign up to the scheme with Podback, so the council can collect coffee pods from residents' homes at no cost to the taxpayer to continue to increase the city's recycling rate.

Cllr Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Climate Change at Cardiff Council, said: "As a council we don't have any power or influence over the types of packaging and waste produced by companies selling products and materials. Our role is to recycle as much of it as possible, while ensuring the safe treatment and disposal of any waste that cannot be reused or recycled. The Podback scheme is an excellent example of ‘producer responsibility', where the manufacturers are taking the initiative to recycle the waste that they generate.

"Any households that use these coffee machines but haven't yet signed up to the scheme are encouraged to do so, as it is quick and easy to do, and the council is keen to expand the scheme as far as possible.

"The council is continuing to work with waste manufacturers to try to recycle even more products through Cardiff's kerbside recycling service, so we can continue to increase the city's recycling and composting rate and reach the challenging targets that have been set by Welsh Government."

The pods collected through the new service will be recycled in the UK, with plastic and aluminium being used to make new products, including packaging and car components with the coffee grounds used to create renewable energy and soil improver.

The new on-demand collection system requires residents to sign up to the scheme via the Podback website - a roll of 13 bags will be delivered to the property by Podback with instructions of how to use the scheme.

When a bag is full, residents are asked to book a kerbside collection by

To find out more about signing up for the new Podback service and what coffee pods can be recycled please visit: