Cardiff Council Update: 14 June 2022

Here is our latest update, covering: travel advice ahead of this week's Stereophonics and Tom Jones concerts; we're on the look out for role models for children and young people; and the city's Sunflowers bloom with Jane's care and attention.


Roads closures and travel advice for the Stereophonics and Tom Jones concerts on June 17th and 18th

Stereophonics and Tom Jones will be performing at Principality Stadium on Friday June 17thand Saturday June 18thand to facilitate these events, a full city centre road closure will be in place on health and safety grounds to ensure people can safely enter and leave the stadium after the concerts.

On June 17th, there will be a full city centre road closure from 2.30pm until12.30am. On Saturday June 18th, the road closure will be put in place slightly earlier, from 12 noon until 12.30am.

Those attending these concerts are strongly advised to travel into the city early, leave large bags at home and pay attention to the prohibited items listed at  before they travel into the city.

Full details of the road closures and the travel advice that has been issued are available here:


You've Got a Friend in Me - on the look-out for volunteers to become role models for children and young people

TheVolunteer Befriending Schemematches individuals with some spare time and the desire to give something back to their community with 7 to 18-year-olds involved with Children's Services, who would benefit for an external positive influence in their lives.

Volunteer befrienders work with a young person on a one-to-one basis, providing support and encouragement. This could involve regularly engaging a young person in leisure or sports activities, encouraging them to develop their interests and hobbies or helping to build their confidence and self-esteem.

Volunteer befriender, Ben, says getting involved in the scheme not only helped the young person he worked with but enabled him to progress his career in social care.

Ben said: "I got involved in the befriending programme as I wanted to have a change in career and wanted to get into social care. After the initial training period of a few weeks, I was paired with a young person who experienced anxiety and didn't get out in the community much.

"After meeting with them they told me how much they enjoyed trampolining, so I took them to a trampoline park once a week. As the weeks progressed, I noticed the young person become more confident and how they interacted with more young people during the sessions.

"I was fully supported by Martine during the whole process and would meet with her monthly to discuss how things were going. Since doing the volunteering I have secured a full-time post as a support worker in the social care sector."

You can read more about the Volunteer Befriending Scheme here:


City's Sunflowers bloom with Jane's care and attention

They might begin their lives in the dark as lonely seeds, but if you give them plenty of nurturing and encouragement and put them in the right environment, sunflowers can grow strong and tall - the pride of anyone's garden.

So, for Jane Clemence, one of Cardiff Council's dedicated community inclusion officers, there was only one name for her little band of individuals who found themselves at the start of the pandemic cut off from each other and their regular get-togethers - The Sunflower Club.

"We got together originally through the Hubs network across Cardiff before the pandemic," said Jane, whose work as part of the Wellbeing Support Service includes organising activities to bring the elderly and isolated together.

"I used to run various sessions at the Rumney Partnership Hub in Llanstephan Road and at other hubs in Llanrumney, St Mellons and Llanedeyrn to keep people active and to get them out of their homes and to socialise," she said. "Many of them were on their own, having lost their wives or husbands, and when they came to us it was a chance for them to meet others in a nice, friendly environment."

Then, in the Spring of 2020, the first lockdown robbed them of this social lifeline.

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