Public urged to get involved with Cardiff Council Scrutiny Committees


Members of the public are being urged to get involved with local democracy by engaging with the five Cardiff Council scrutiny committees whose members, drawn from a range of political parties, act as a ‘critical friend' to decision and policy makers. 

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The call comes as theScrutiny Committee pages of the council's websiteare re-launched to make it easier for the public to get involved in the work of the committees. 

As well as raising issues with local ward councillors, residents can also contribute by: 

  • identifying issues for scrutiny to look at;
  • providing evidence to inform scrutiny - either in writing or in person;
  • contribute to scrutiny consultations, workshops, and/or focus groups; and
  • be invited to be co-opted to be a member of a Scrutiny Committee.

Chair of the Policy, Review and Performance Scrutiny Committee, Cllr David Walker, said: "Scrutiny Committees are the challenging voice of residents, visitors, commuters and employees, at the decision-making table to ensure full accountability, it's part of our role to help make those voices heard. 

"Committee members are all local ward councillors, drawn from across the party-political spectrum, so they retain a level of independence and are perfectly placed to ask the difficult questions, to the most senior council officers and Cabinet Members. 

"Importantly, the committees can have real influence over policy and decision making - they gather evidence, listen to residents, and provide formal recommendations to Cabinet - recommendations that can change the way in which services are delivered, and ultimately ensure the best possible outcomes for the people of Cardiff, that's why it's really important that residents get involved with our work." 

In Cardiff there are five committees, covering all areas of the council's work. They are: 

More information about the work carried out by Scrutiny is also available in the2020/21 Scrutiny Annual Report.