Cardiff Council Update: 03 December

Here is the latest update from Cardiff Council, covering:Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan responds to the National Care Crisis; Cardiff's COVID-19 case and test numbers; cases reported in Cardiff's schools in the last seven days; vaccination totals for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan; and brand new CGI images reveal plans for International Sports Village as Planning Application is submitted.


Statement from Cardiff Council, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust

Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan responds to the National Care Crisis

What's happening and how you can help

Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan - like the rest of the UK - is currently facing unprecedented demand for health and social care services.

Right now we are seeing a 30% increase in people needing care at home, compared with pre-pandemic numbers.

This huge increase in demand - alongside a UK-wide shortage of care workers and health care staff - is leading to delays in care provision and preventing the timely discharge of patients from hospital settings.

Patients who are medically fit are not being discharged from hospital in a timely manner, which is leading to significant bed shortages across hospital sites. This in turn leads to lengthy ambulance waits at our Emergency Unit, which means ambulance crews are unable to respond to 999 calls in the community, so people are waiting longer for ambulances.

Our care providers, who have continued to deliver vital services throughout the pandemic, are now struggling to meet the surge in demand for care and to find the staff to join the sector.

All this means we (Cardiff Council, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust) are having to look at different ways to ease the pressure, help the NHS, and provide care for those most in need.

Health and social care teams are doing everything possible to support people who are well enough to leave hospital but who need ongoing care. Priority is being given to the most vulnerable, and alternative health and care packages are being offered as a short-term measure. More carers and health staff are also being recruited to support people in need. Social Care teams and third-sector partners are also supporting people to avoid hospital admission in the first place so care is received closer to home.

But, right now all of this is still not enough, and so we are calling on you to come forward to join us and to help support the most vulnerable in our communities, at this difficult time.

We all know that patients would rather not spend a long time in hospital and long stays can be detrimental as patients may decondition increasing their chance of falls and a loss of independence and confidence.  Spending as little time in hospital as possible is not only better for patients but will also free up vital NHS beds so we can continue to care for those with urgent and acute care needs.

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Cardiff Cases and Tests - 7 Days Data (22 November - 28 November)

Based on latest figures from Public Health Wales

Data correct as of:

02 December 2021, 09:00


Cases: 1,756

Cases per 100,000 population: 478.6 (Wales: 469.9 cases per 100,000 population)

Testing episodes: 9,696

Testing per 100,000 population: 2,642.7

Positive proportion: 18.1% (Wales: 17.0% positive proportion)


COVID-19 Cases reported in Cardiff's schools in the last 7 days (26/11/21 to 02/12/21)

Total number reported = 383

  • Pupils and students = 371
  • Staff, including teaching staff = 66

Based on latest figures, there are just under 57,000 pupils and students enrolled at Cardiff's schools in total.


Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Vaccination Status Update - 02 December

Data provided by CAVUHB

Based on the figures available at the time of publication.

Please note that there may be minor amendments to data as it is validated over time.

The total number of vaccination doses given by the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board so far, in both local authority areas:  878,602 (1stDose: 387,958 2ndDose: 350,878 3rdDose: 6,240 Boosters: 133,482)

Cohort Data - Last updated: 01 December


  • 80 and over: 20,167 / 94.7% (1stDose) 20,009 / 93.9% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 17,149 / 85.7% (Booster)
  • 75-79: 14,975 / 96.5% (1stDose) 14,850 / 95.7% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 12,916 / 87% (Booster)
  • 70-74: 21,402 / 95.8% (1stDose) 21,290 / 95.3% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 19,010 / 89.3% (Booster)
  • 65-69: 22,003 / 94.4% (1stDose) 21,771 / 93.4% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 18,079 / 83% (Booster)
  • 60-64: 26,134 / 92.5% (1stDose) 25,813 / 91.4% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 19,154 / 74.2% (Booster)
  • 55-59: 29,460 / 90.5% (1stDose) 28,990 / 89% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 10,691 / 36.9% (Booster)
  • 50-54: 29,168 / 88.2% (1stDose) 28,567 / 86.4% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 8,665 / 30.3% (Booster)
  • 40-49: 55,794 / 82.2% (1stDose) 54,088 / 79.6% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 10,172 / 18.8% (Booster)
  • 30-39: 61,769 / 76.5% (1stDose) 58,267 / 72.2% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 7,296 / 12.5% (Booster)
  • 18-29: 82,591 / 77.9% (1stDose) 74,478 / 70.3% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 7,026 / 9.4% (Booster)
  • 16-17: 4,144 / 75.1% (1stDose) 988 / 17.9% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 89 / 9%  (Booster)
  • 12-15: 14,700 / 54.9% (1stDose) 499 /1.9% (2nd& 3rd*Dose)


  • Severely Immunosuppressed: 6,783 / 99.4% (1stDose) 5,732 / 84% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 25 / 0.4% (Booster)
  • Care home residents: 2,095 / 98.4% (1stDose) 2,076 / 97.5% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 1,776 / 85.5% (Booster)
  • Care Home Workers: 3,717 / 98.9% (1stDose) 3,649 / 97.1% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 2,591 / 71% (Booster)
  • Healthcare Workers: 27,152 / 98.1% (1stDose) 26,858 / 97% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 21,220 / 79% (Booster)
  • Social Care Workers**: 6,999 / 70.5% (Booster)
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable: 11,229 / 94.5% (1stDose) 11,054 / 93.1% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 5,698 / 51.5% (Booster)
  • Underlying Health Conditions: 46,010 / 90.5% (1stDose) 44,549 / 87.6% (2nd& 3rd*Dose) 18,538 / 41.6% (Booster)
  • Underlying Health Conditions (12-15): 606 / 61.2% (1stDose) 341 / 34.4% (2nd& 3rd*Dose)

*Those who have received two COVID-19 vaccine doses, with the exception of those who are severely immunosuppressed who are recommended three doses

**Data taken from an alternative source


Brand new CGI images reveal plans for International Sports Village as Planning Application is submitted

The latest computer-generated images have been released to show how plans for the new International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay are progressing and an application has been submitted for planning approval for the new Velodrome.

The brand-new Velodrome and its associated Performance Hub and an Off-Road Bike Track are two of the exciting new cycling facilities scheduled for delivery at the International Sports Village in 2022/23.

Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said: "The International Sports Village is about bringing people and sport together, creating a thriving, socially inclusive and accessible place to enjoy a whole range of sporting and leisure activities. It is exciting to be able to continue to support the development of sport and provide improved opportunities for athletes, individuals, clubs, leisure groups, teams and new users at all levels.

"The Council understands that a fantastic legacy has been created at Maindy Cycle Track and that the relocation will bring forward a range of emotion.  With this in mind, the Council is committed to embracing the growth in Cycle Sport as it moves forward with the development of the Sports Village. The new velodrome and off-road bike track are the first steps to connecting and integrating sport within a central hub and providing an excellent, city-wide facility that can be enjoyed by everyone for many years to come.

"Plans for the new velodrome, off road track and closed road circuit in the Bay continue to be supported by key cycling organisations including National Governing Bodies, Cycling Clubs and other sports clubs and groups. They have been involved in helping us shape the specifications for the velodrome, so it works for everyone from beginners to professionals."

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