Cardiff Council Update: 16 November

Here is the latest update from Cardiff Council, covering: primary school applications now open; ground investigations start at Roath Park Dam; Cardiff's COVID-19 case and test numbers; and vaccination totals for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan.


Primary School Applications now open

Applications for primary school places to start in September 2022 are now open, and parents are encouraged to make use of all three preferences to get the best chance of securing a school they want.

Cardiff Council is also appealing to families to apply on time and to remember that a child is not automatically entitled to a Reception place at a primary school where they attend the nursery. A new application must be made for a reception class place at primary school.

Further guidance has been issued by Cardiff Council's School Admissions team who have identified 7 tips to assist families by explaining how the admissions process works, the importance of using all preferences available to them and why they should apply on time.

The campaign features an animation aimed at children and families which helps to explain the 7 tips. It covers things like:

  • The importance of applying on time, by the published application deadline
  • The benefits of exploring all the schools in the child's area by visiting their websites and reading their reports
  • The need to include a full list of school preferences in the first application form to increase the chance of getting a school of choice making sure the application form includes essential information such as if the child has a sibling at the school or any additional learning, medical or social needs.

Information is also included on how to make an appeal if you are not offered your preferred school.

To view the 7-tip guidance and the animation please visit:

Primary school applications close on Monday 10, January 2022. To apply for a school place please go to:


Ground investigations start at Roath Park Dam

Cardiff Council has begun the ground investigation works to Roath Park Dam to make sure one of Cardiff's most loved parks can be enjoyed safely now and for future generations.

Following a regular inspection (under the Reservoirs Act 1975), it was found that the spillway, which is the waterfall beside the café, would not be large enough to withstand a theoretical extreme flooding event and improvement works are now required.

Cardiff Council has appointed engineering consultant Arup to undertake a detailed study to identify the best options for ensuring the future effectiveness of the dam. Listed Building Consent has recently been received for the ground investigation works to the dam.

The ground investigation taking place over the next two to three weeks will require certain areas of the park to close in order to carry out the works safely. The promenade across the dam will be shut during this time, access to the other side of the park can be gained north and south of the promenade.

Other areas in the park will be closed for shorter periods of time, including the play area which will be closed for two days, Tuesday 16 to Thursday 18November, while work is completed.

The ground investigation works will involve holes of different size and shape dug in the dam and alongside the spillway so that the make-up of the ground can be studied.

Some holes will be dug by hand and others by specialist machinery. At the end of the works, the holes will be levelled out and the surface made to look as it is now.

Read more here:


Cardiff Cases and Tests - 7 Days Data (05 November - 11 November)

Based on latest figures from Public Health Wales

Data correct as of:

15 November 2021, 09:00


Cases: 2,056

Cases per 100,000 population: 560.4 (Wales: 491.5 cases per 100,000 population)

Testing episodes: 9,546

Testing per 100,000 population: 2,601.8

Positive proportion: 21.5% (Wales: 19.2% positive proportion)


Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Vaccination Status Update - 15 November

Data provided by CAVUHB

Based on the figures available at the time of publication.

Please note that there may be minor amendments to data as it is validated over time.


The total number of vaccination doses given by the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board so far, in both local authority areas:  833,774 (1stDose: 384,780 2ndDose: 347,674 3rdDose: 5,501 Boosters: 92,173)

Cohort Data - Last updated: 01 November


  • 80 and over: 20,283 / 94.6% (1stDose) 20,107 / 93.8% (2ndDose)
  • 75-79: 14,997 / 96.4% (1stDose) 14,838 / 95.4% (2ndDose)
  • 70-74: 21,410 / 95.8% (1stDose) 21,277 / 95.2% (2ndDose)
  • 65-69: 21,978 / 94.3% (1stDose) 21,732 / 93.3% (2ndDose)
  • 60-64: 26,081 / 92.4% (1stDose) 25,756 / 91.3% (2ndDose)
  • 55-59: 29,440 / 90.4% (1stDose) 28,942 / 88.8% (2ndDose)
  • 50-54: 29,117 / 88.1% (1stDose) 28,484 / 86.2% (2ndDose)
  • 40-49: 55,646 / 82% (1stDose) 53,799 / 79.3% (2ndDose)
  • 30-39: 61,330 / 76.1% (1stDose) 57,569 / 71.5% (2ndDose)
  • 18-29: 81,552 / 77.3% (1stDose) 73,189 / 69.5% (2ndDose)
  • 16-17: 4,057 / 74.2% (1stDose) 324 / 5.9% (2ndDose)
  • 12-15: 12,829 / 48.2% (1stDose)


  • Care home residents: 2,119 / 98.2% (1stDose) 2,094 / 97.1% (2ndDose)
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable: 11,252 / 94.5% (1stDose) 11,055 / 92.8% (2ndDose)
  • Underlying Health Conditions: 45,948 / 90.3% (1stDose) 44,408 / 87.2% (2ndDose)
  • Underlying Health Conditions (12-15): 573 / 58.2% (1stDose)