Cardiff Council Update: 14 September

Here is the latest update from Cardiff Council, covering: residents play key role in helping shape Cardiff's future; Cardiff's COVID-19 case and test numbers; vaccination totals for Cardiff and Vale of Glamorgan; upcoming closures: Cardiff Bay Barrage; and fly tipper ordered to pay £300 at Cardiff Magistrates' Court.


Residents play key role in helping shape Cardiff's future

The views of Cardiff residents, gathered in a public consultation, are helping to shape how Wales' capital will develop and grow over the next 15 years.

Earlier this year Cardiff Council asked residents, and a wide range of organisations, groups and public bodies, for their views on the draft vision and objectives for its replacement Local Development Plan.

Results from the consultation, which received 1,215 responses, identified:


  • Overall support for lower levels of housing growth and medium jobs growth.
  • A strong preference for the use of brownfield sites.
  • Improved access to green space as a top priority for improving health and wellbeing.
  • The creation of 15 minute neighbourhoods, access to green space, and active travel as the top 3 approaches for responding to the pandemic.
  • The provision of community facilities, reduction in crime, and providing good cycling routes, as the top 3 priorities for improving neighbourhoods.
  • Two thirds of respondents agreed with the draft vision, ranking tackling climate change, healthier environments, and protecting green infrastructure as their top 3 priorities in order of importance.

Following the consultation a council report, due to be discussed by Cardiff Council Cabinet on Thursday, September 23rd, recommends that revised versions of the LDP vision and objectives, including important changes and significant additional detail, are approved.

These key documents are integral to the next stage in the replacement LDP process, which will be to consult on strategic options for development within the city.

A series of Focus Groups and citizen's events will take place between November and February 2022 to inform the preparation of a "Preferred Strategy" which will be consulted upon in the Autumn of 2022. 

Changes have been made to numerous areas of the draft vision and objectives in response to the results of the consultation, a full version of which is available on the Cardiff Council website. Some examples of these changes include:


  • The introduction of a reference to new "low-carbon homes" in replacement of "new homes."
  • A shift from referring to a city that is "easier to move around" to a city that reshapes movement around "a core of active travel (walking and cycling) and public transport usage."
  • New references to prioritising opportunities for new homes and employment opportunities in city and local centres and "sustainable brownfield locations."
  • A move from talking about "looking after" the city's natural, historic and cultural assets, to "enhancing" them.


Cllr Caro Wild, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Transport, said: "The replacement LDP is going to shape the look and feel of Cardiff for years to come, so it was really important for us to hear as wide a range of views as possible at this early stage, and try to reflect what we've been told in the revised vision and objectives.

"We're at a crucial stage in the city's development. Cardiff's a vibrant, exciting city that's growing fast, but in the need to adapt to climate change and recover from the pandemic, it faces some big challenges.

"We all want Cardiff to be a sustainable city which plays its part in tackling the Climate Emergency - and we recognise the importance of affordable housing and connected communities. It can continue to fuel the Welsh economy in a post-COVID world, and be the place where people can live healthy, happy fulfilling lives in a clean and affordable environment.

"We're grateful to everybody who took the time to share their views in this first consultation and who helped us take another step towards achieving our ambitions."


Cardiff Cases and Tests - 7 Days Data (03 September - 09 September)

Based on latest figures from Public Health Wales

Data correct as of:

13 September 2021, 09:00


Cases: 1,463

Cases per 100,000 population: 398.7 (Wales: 510.8 cases per 100,000 population)

Testing episodes: 9,837

Testing per 100,000 population: 2,681.1

Positive proportion: 14.9% (Wales: 18.0% positive proportion)


Cardiff & Vale University Health Board Vaccination Status Update - 14 September

The total number of vaccination doses given by the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board so far, in both local authority areas:  707,298 (1stDose: 369,224 2ndDose: 338,074)


  • 80 and over: 20,577 / 94.6% (1stDose) 20,304 / 93.3% (2ndDose)
  • 75-79: 15,059 / 96.3% (1stDose) 14,861 / 95.1% (2ndDose)
  • 70-74: 21,448 / 95.7% (1stDose) 21,311 / 95.1% (2ndDose)
  • 65-69: 21,957 / 94.2% (1stDose) 21,672 / 93% (2ndDose)
  • 60-64: 26,022 / 92.3% (1stDose) 25,669 / 91.1% (2ndDose)
  • 55-59: 29,357 / 90.2% (1stDose) 28,801 / 88.5% (2ndDose)
  • 50-54: 28,996 / 87.8% (1stDose) 28,242 / 85.5% (2ndDose)
  • 40-49: 55,260 / 81.5% (1stDose) 53,008 / 78.2% (2ndDose)
  • 30-39: 60,288 / 75.2% (1stDose) 55,738 / 69.5% (2ndDose)
  • 18-29: 79,196 / 76.3% (1stDose) 68,962 / 66.4% (2ndDose)
  • 16-17: 3,812 / 70.1% (1stDose) 280 / 5.1% (2ndDose)


  • Care home residents: 1,857 / 98.5% (1stDose) 1,834 / 97.3% (2ndDose)
  • Clinically extremely vulnerable: 11,344 / 93.7% (1stDose) 11,063 / 91.4% (2ndDose)
  • Underlying Health Conditions: 46,251 / 90% (1stDose) 44,484 / 86.5% (2ndDose)

Data provided by CAVUHB

Based on the figures available at the time of publication. Please note that there may be minor amendments to data as it is validated over time.


Upcoming closures: Cardiff Bay Barrage

Please be advised, due to ticketed events taking place at Alexandra Head, the Barrage site will be closed to non-ticket holders from the Porth Teigr roundabout to the Penarth end of the Barrage on:


  • Thursday 16 September from 4.30pm - midnight
  • Friday 17 September from midday - 12.30am
  • Saturday 18 September from midday - 12.30am
  • Sunday 19 September from midday - midnight


Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Sport, Cllr Peter Bradbury, said: "The Barrage will be open to everyone until 4:30pm on Thursday and until midday on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"From these times until midnight on Thursday and Sunday and until 12:30am after the Titan Festivals on the weekend, the site will be open to ticket holders only.

"If you're travelling from Penarth, please make sure you're on the Cardiff side of the Barrage before the site closes. All access to the gigs will be on the Cardiff side of the Barrage where security, soft ticket checks and COVID checks will be set up by the event organisers.

"If you're a ticket holder, the entrance and exit for the events will be near the Porth Teigr roundabout, the Bay end of the Barrage Walkway.

"Up to 11,000 ticket holders will be at these events each day so it would be difficult, if not impossible, for commuters or cyclists to cross the Barrage safely.

"Such high-profile acts attract a lot of interest and if the Barrage remained open, potentially large crowds could gather. Closing the site will reduce the risks associated with the gathering of large crowds in the area, including blocked access for people commuting or walking, preventing emergency vehicles accessing the area if required, risk of overcrowding and congestion on entry and exit to the events and the potential for non-ticket holders to get into the event, which could lead to a similar situation seen at the recent European Championships at Wembley.

"This is the first time events have been held at Alexandra Head since before the pandemic and we want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable return to outdoor events at this venue."

Signs on the closures will be in place in the area early next week, further information can be found on the Harbour Authority website:


Fly tipper ordered to pay £300 at Cardiff Magistrates' Court

Sherifa Actie, 27, from Beauchamp Street, Cardiff, was ordered to pay £300 and received a Conditional Discharge for 12 months at Cardiff Magistrates' Court last Tuesday (September 7) for fly tipping a large number of black bags in a back lane close to her property.

On Tuesday May 5th, 2020, the council received a complaint about fly tipping in the back lane of Beauchamp Street and Plantagenet Street. When the enforcement officer arrived on site, a large number of fly tipped black bags were found - full of top soil - with evidence found linking the waste back to Miss Actie's property.

When the officer arrived at the property, it was clear that Miss Actie was having a patio built in her back garden. Miss Actie accepted that the soil came from her garden and explained to the officer that arrangements were being made for its removal. The fly tipped waste was not removed by May 26th2020, so enforcement action was taken, as further complaints were received from the public.

A Fixed Penalty Notice was issued on December 1st and was not paid, so the case was listed for legal action.

Councillor Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Environment and Recycling, said: "This case should have been resolved before it went to court. If you are having work carried out at your property, you are responsible for the waste that is generated and you need to budget for its removal.

"Dumping waste in a back lane, so it obstructs others as well as causing an eyesore in the local community is not acceptable. This case clearly highlights that if an individual doesn't pay a Fixed Penalty Notice when they are caught, we will take the case to court and publicise the case through the media."