Young volunteers: Inspiring Stories

Our city-wide partners share their stories of young people going above and beyond, during the pandemic


South Wales Police tell us about the young people from the Police Youth Volunteer Scheme who have each achieved something incredible this year.


They have remained positive, determined and sought to achieve the very best for themselves and others.


This is Caty's story:


Caty, 21, from Riverside, is a Police Youth Volunteer Leader having joined the Cardiff West Police Youth Volunteer HUB at Fitzalan High School when first established.


Caty is an inspirational young woman who has combined her volunteering with Police Youth Volunteers while studying for a psychology degree at Cardiff University as well as completing a work placement at a residential home for people with acute mental health illness.


She has also volunteered with Victim Focus, previously been a Student Volunteer, raised funds for Help for Heroes - including a parachute jump - as well as being involved with campaigning for the WWF and RSPB.


Throughout the pandemic, Caty has sought to assist others - she has prepared numerous presentations for other Police Youth Volunteer's on observation skills, mental health, wellbeing and mindfulness. Caty has also produced a short guide on mindfulness that was published and available on Amazon.


Caty possesses determination, intelligence and an abundant willingness to volunteer and assist others. This can be seen in the volunteering that she completed with Victim Focus making contact with victims of anti-social behaviour.


Caty has decided on a future career in policing and has shown an interest in the Graduate Direct Entry Detective Programme.


Her volunteering also included working with Cardiff Central CID in which she assisted in preparing a case against a defendant responsible for a serious crime.


Caty reviewed medical notes over a number of weeks' in order to gain additional supportive evidence that would ultimately result in a conviction at Court.


Caty can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, Welsh and has set herself the task of learning Mandarin. She recently produced a poem, in English, raising awareness around knife crime entitledLives Lost:



Lives Lost

A typical night in town,

Takes an unexpected turn,

Down the left alley,

Blue lights, crowds cornering the exits.

What happened? You ask a passer-by

Stopping to ask the very same thing

To the next... and the next...

Whispers from one to another

Each with their own story

But you know in your gut

That someone isHurt.



Sirens around the corner

The ambulance arrives.

The crowds look on

With their phones

Recording. Callingsomeone

Theirloved one.

While Paramedics try to save


A Brother. A Sister.

A Daughter. A Son.

Another Life Lost.


Who were they?

What could they have become?


The next day what happened last night

Meets the media.

Teenager stabbed.Cardiff stabbing.

Stabbing. Stabbing.

A few months later

Another Life Lost.

AnotherSon. AnotherDaughter.

AnotherFriend. AnotherLife.


Behind the scenes

Officers working long hours

Looking at every lead

Interviewing witnesses

Collecting evidence

Analysing Reviewing

Putting together a case

Supporting family members

Compiling a suspect list

Interviewing suspects

Charging if there is enough evidence

Hoping for justice


The Work never stops.

The Fight continues.

Families broken. Lives Lost.

Let Us put an end to knife crime.

Working together for

OurFamilies. OurCommunity. OurFuture.


 ️ Young people can also access a range of support and advice from qualifications to mental health, by visiting one of the following websites: