Update on Cardiff’s LDP


In line with legislation, Cardiff Council will be taking the first steps to carry out a full review of its Local Development Plan (LDP).


This is a statutory requirement, as it has been over four years since the plan was adopted and a full review must now take place.


An LDP responds to the current issues and needs we face by setting out a strategy, proposals and policies on how the city will change in the future. If the council doesn't have an LD, there is limited control over the type and geographical area where new developments are built.


The current plan is successfully delivering its aims of managing growth and provides a policy context to determine approximately 2,500 planning applications, effectively each year.  


The preparation of a replacement LDP provides an opportunity to keep this important policy document up-to-date and respond to new legislation and evidence which has emerged since work began on the previous LDP. 


The current LDP will remain in place until the replacement LDP has been adopted, which will take three and half years to complete, and will include various stages of consultation and engagement with the public and stakeholders.


A spokesperson for Cardiff Council said: "Whilst the current Plan is working well and starting to deliver much-needed housing and infrastructure, it's important we don't sit back and ignore our statutory duty to review this vital document.


"The LDP provides a plan-led approach to development in the city and through this review period we now have an opportunity to ensure that the replacement LDP remains up-to-date and meets the future needs of the city.


"This includes how we respond to new challenges that we face, such as tackling the climate emergency, maximising the wellbeing of future generations and responding to the issues raised by the ongoing pandemic.


"There will be a number of opportunities for residents and interested parties to engage with the process, as we continue to manage the future growth of the city,"