UPDATED: Top tips for dealing with your waste and recycling during the Coronavirus pandemic


We want to make sure you are able to deal with your unwanted items in the safest and most efficient way.

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What you must do with unwanted waste

    Batteries and electrical items-Many supermarkets also have battery collection boxes. Spent batteries and electrical appliances can also be taken to your local recycling centre for recycling.​​​ Please make a booking before you visit here:

     Larger electrical items such as fridges can be collected for free with our bulky collection service. There is currently a high demand for this service so you may wish to book a visit to your local recycling centre instead. More information on bulky collections can be found here:

     Please do not put batteries and electrical items in with your general waste or in your recycling bags. They will cause fires at recycling centres and if exposed to high temperatures, could potentially cause an explosion.

    Clothes and textiles- can be taken to your local recycling centre, please do not put them in your green recycling bags. Please book a slot before you visit:

     Check with your local charity shop if they are currently accepting donations ofgood quality reusable items

     Use your food caddy forleftovers and waste food. 

     Sign up for our hygiene waste collection service if you usedisposable nappies and incontinence pads:

     Remember toput bins and bags out by 6amon your collection day. Collection days remain unchanged but our waste collection team may be out for collection at an earlier time.

X    Do not throw away tissues, gloves, face masks, anti-bac wipes and paper towels in with your recycling. Throw them in your general waste red striped bags or black bins. General waste will be incinerated.


How to keep yourself and others safe

     If anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, such as a high temperature or a cough, you MUST double bag your general waste bags where possible and leave them for 72hours before placing outside for collection

     Disinfect your bin handles and wash your hands thoroughly before and after putting out your bin for collection

Please help protect our staff and look after others by preventing transmission of the virus as much as possible.

Download our Cardiff Gov App and set alerts for your waste and recycling collection dates. Find out more here: