Compliance checks at all city centre venues

Licensing officers from the Shared Regulatory Services will be carrying out compliance checks at all city centre venues tonight and over the weekend.

Each venue has a responsibility to ensure that people eating or drinking in their establishment are following social distancing rules. Processes have to be in place to ensure that social distancing measures are being followed and a track and trace system must also be in place, collecting names and telephone numbers of customers.

Council officers will visit businesses to ensure:

  • Queuing systems outside bars and restaurants are in place to ensure social distancing measures are being followed
  • Tables, both inside and outside are two metres apart
  • Procedures are in place to deal with people that are not complying with the rules, whether this is social distancing or socialising with people outside their extended family, or ‘bubble'
  • Processes are in place to protect staff.

The Council's out-of-hour's noise team will also be working with the police and visiting student areas in the city to investigate any house parties which are taking place.