Face coverings to be worn by all school based staff and secondary school pupils


Cardiff Council is strongly recommending that all school based staff and mainstream secondary school pupils wear face coverings when moving around corridors, in communal areas such as lifts, stair wells and toilets and in situations where social distancing is cannot be observed.

In order to help schools follow the guidance, the Council will be supplying every member of school staff and every mainstream secondary school pupil with two re-useable masks when term begins in September.

Secondary school pupils will also have to wear face masks when using mainstream school buses and public transport to travel to and from school.

The new guidance is in line with the updated advice from Welsh Government relating to the wearing of face coverings in school and, as part of a risk assessment, it is one of a series of measures designed to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Welsh Government states that a whole school approach is recommended, however, schools will make exemptions for some pupils depending on the individual’s needs or circumstances, for example pupils with additional learning needs in mainstream schools, special resource bases and special schools.

Cardiff has seen a recent rise in the number of people infected with COVID-19 following the easing of some lockdown measures.

Cllr Sarah Merry said: “Safeguarding the health and safety of our pupils and school staff is priority. Therefore we are urging that when moving around their school and when social distancing cannot be maintained, all school staff should wear face coverings and that secondary schools ensure their pupils wear face coverings during these same circumstances.