Cardiff Council Update: 20th July

In today's update from Cardiff Council: 10 great reasons you should visit Cardiff post-lockdown; Wellfield Road closed between 7am and 12 noon tomorrow; how to dispose of your tissues and anti-bac wipes safely; and the work of the Ethnic Minority Achievement Team.


10 great reasons you should visit Cardiff post-lockdown

If months of lockdown have left you itching for a shopping trip, hungry for adventure, longing for fine food and a fantastic night out then Cardiff has everything you need - including peace of mind when it comes to safety - because it's the ‘Same 'Diff we all love. Just a bit different'.

As the city launches a new, marketing campaign aimed at letting people know Cardiff is open for business and safe to visit, here are 10 great reasons to visit Cardiff now lockdown restrictions are easing:

The campaign ‘Same 'Diff we all love. Just a bit different' launched on Friday 17th July and will see a range of social media activity, radio adverts and street dressing featuring slogans including:


  • A few changes. Same 'Diff.
  • New Signs. Same 'Diff.
  • Further apart. Same 'Diff.
  • Same 'Diff. Only Safer.

For more information on visiting Cardiff, including detail on the changes that have been introduced to improve safety in the city centre as well as information on open shops, restaurants and attractions, go to:


Wellfield Road closed between 7am and 12 noon tomorrow

Wellfield Road will be closed to traffic from 7am until 12 noon tomorrow (Tuesday, July 21), so that the trees that were vandalised can be replaced with new Birch Trees.

The trees form part of a pilot scheme to widen the pavements, so that social distancing measures can be followed by the public.

Read more here:


How to dispose of your tissues and anti-bac wipes safely

We're all using tissues, anti-bac wipes and paper towels more than ever, so please make sure you're disposing of them correctly.

These items cannot be recycled and should NOT go in your recycling bags.

Although tissues are made of paper they are made of very short fibres which are not high enough quality to be recycled.

Instead, please throw them in your general waste red striped bags or black bins. General waste will be incinerated.

If anyone in your household is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, such as a high temperature or a cough, please double bag your general waste bags where possible and leave them for 72 hours before placing outside for collection.

We also recommend disinfecting your bin handles and washing your hands thoroughly before and after putting out your bin for collection.

This will all ensure that we prevent transmission of the virus as much as possible.

If you need a reminder of what items can be recycled please visit our Recycling A-Z:


Ethnic Minority Achievement Team

The Ethnic Minority Achievement central team has maintained contact with refugee and asylum seeking families as well as supporting vulnerable families that need help with communication through English throughout the crisis.

Their bilingual staff members have been working across schools, translating for families, in order to ensure that children have continued access to class work as well as support systems.

Bilingual staff have also helped older pupils to keep in touch with their schools and have helped families with applications for children wishing to start school as well as supporting with transition between schools, sixth form and further education colleges. 

This has been particularly useful to bilingual families that have children with additional learning needs.A specialist teacher in one Cardiff school praised a bilingual team member, saying, ‘she has been wonderful and so helpful in communicating with parents effectively during this uncertain time.'

Teachers continue to liaise with school staff in order to send appropriate work to English learners and work packs have been delivered to pupils who do not yet have access to digital technology. They have also been busy creating packs to support teachers to continue to deliver a culturally diverse curriculum.