Keeping the city centre safe and accessible for all


To ensure the city centre is a safe and accessible place for all, a range of additional measures have been put in place to assist those with disabilities or mobility problems in the city centre.

A Motorised buggy pick up service is available on request, by asking a member of staff at any of the welcome points. The buggy can also be booked in advance from a designated parking bay by calling 029 2087 3888.

Disabled parking in the city centre is available as normal on both Churchill Way and Wharton Street. As Station Terrace is closed, those wanting to access Churchill Way will have to travel via Bute Street onto Adam Street.

Car parks on the restricted roads are open for the public to use. These roads are only closed as a through route and signs will be put up on these roads to make this clear.

The only full road closures that are in place are on Castle Street and Mill Lane.

Arrangements have been made with retailers in the city centre to ensure that deliveries can take place during the working day. Loading areas have been put in place on either side of the Castle Street closure and we are continuing to work with retailers as the new system beds in.

For further information on the new arrangements in the city centre, please see the Q & A sheet here:

For more information about city centre road closures and restrictions, please visit: