COVID-19 Update: 1st June

In today's COVID-19 update from Cardiff Council: creating a ‘Safer Cardiff' for both residents and workers travelling into the city centre once the current lockdown restrictions are lifted; bulky waste collections service resumed for limited items only; and volunteers across Cardiff are being celebrated this week, including the 1,200 strong Together for Cardiff force who have stepped into the breach during the city's time of need.


Work to create a ‘Safer Cardiff' city centre begins

Cardiff Council is investigating how it can work with partners to create a ‘Safer Cardiff' for both residents and workers travelling into the city centre once the current lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Plans for Castle Street in the city centre and a pilot scheme for Wellfield Road, in Roath, have already been announced with a traffic lane cleared on Castle Street for cyclists and pedestrians.

Now discussions are underway which could see roads, footways and public space on Queen Street, St Mary Street, The Hayes and Churchill Way remodelled as well as other major footfall areas in the city centre. The council is also looking at introducing specific measures to help support businesses, including making some of the public realm available to restaurants in the city centre whose floor space will be restricted by social distancing measures.

The council is working with For Cardiff, which represents businesses in the city centre, and Arup a recognised technical expert on redesigning cities. The plans will be designed to ensure the safety of the public and to help businesses get up and running during the recovery period.

Cardiff Council Leader, Cllr Huw Thomas, said: "We are all living in extraordinary times and as the council continues to respond to the current issues during this pandemic, we also have to plan on how we are going to recover from this crisis once the lockdown has been lifted.

"We now have to look at how we can re-model the public space in the city centre and implement effective plans to ensure that social distancing measures can be maintained for everyone's safety. Not only that - we have to find ways of making the city a great place to visit again, despite any restrictions which may have to be imposed.

"Clearly lots of people will still have concerns when lockdown is lifted, so we want to make sure when people think about Cardiff they think ‘yes, I know it's safe to visit, safe to shop, safe to do business and it's safe for me and my family to be there.' We will work with experts in the field, consulting with businesses and residents who live in the city centre. It's this ‘One City' approach, which will enable us to Restart, Recover and Renew Cardiff. I'm determined we won't miss the opportunities that could arise from this. We all want a safer, greener, cleaner and healthier city, one which will be sustainable in the long term.

"All of this will cost money which is why we will begin discussions with Welsh Government on how it can be funded. Cardiff is the economic heartbeat of Wales. It can't be left on life support. Our plans will need to be fully backed if we are to get the city up and running again for the benefit of everyone who lives and works here and in the city region."

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Bulky Waste Collections Service resumed for limited items only

Bookings for bulky waste collection service resumes for limited items today.

We're asking that residents please only book collections for items that are causing you significant difficulty to store at home.

The bulky waste collection is for larger items, that you would be unable to fit in the boot of your car to bring to our Recycling Centres at Lamby Way or Bessemer Close.

We do not charge to collect items that are fully recyclable:

     Wooden dining table or bookshelf

     Metal bed frame or shelving unit

     Large electrical appliances such as a fridge or washing machine


     UPVC windows and frames

     Spring mattresses (there is a charge for memory foam)

We charge to collect items made from a mixture of different materials:


     ​Sofas and armchairs

     Divan bed bases

     Memory foam mattresses (spring mattresses are free)

     Furniture made from a mixture of materials such as a wooden cabinet with glass doors.

We are unable to collect some items, these include:



xBuilding materials and building waste, such as plasterboard or insulation material

xCar or engine parts

xCast iron items

xChemicals, such as paint stripper

xFluorescent tubes Gas bottles or canisters

xOil (engine or cooking)Tins of paint



x Gardenwaste

You can book a collection by contacting C2C on (029) 2087 2087. Our social media channels are also able to book collections for  free items only  -#quickquerycardiff- the team will ask you for all information needed, in a direct message.

If you need to book a collection sooner than the next available date, our Commercial Services team have a number of options available for which there is a charge.

They can do single item collections or you can hire a skip. Please email for a free no obligation quote.

Please be advised  we will not collectwhile you, or someone in your household is symptomatic with COVID-19.


For more information, please visit:


Volunteers Week: Time to say thanks

Volunteers across Cardiff are being celebrated this week, including the 1,200 strong Together for Cardiff force who have stepped into the breach during the city's time of need.

During annual Volunteers Week celebration (June 1-7), the Council is taking the opportunity to thank everyone who volunteers, especially those who have supported the city's efforts to look after those in need during the lockdown period.

The Together for Cardiff scheme was set up by the Council at the onset of the COVID-19 emergency and residents across the city responded in their droves to help others throughout this difficult time.

Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: "This year, Volunteers' Week falls at a time of crisis, when the global pandemic has dramatically affected the lives of individuals and communities, when neighbours, community members and local volunteers have become more important than ever to supporting those in need.

"So more than ever before, it is important to recognise the contribution that volunteers make, both during this crisis and every day in our city. Thank you. You have done an amazing job and make us proud."

More than 1,200 are now registered with the Together for Cardiff scheme that has acted asabrokering service, matching people who want to help with volunteering opportunities across the city, including  support for council teams to provide essential services for those in need.

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