COVID-19 Update: 19th May

Here is the latest COVID-19 update from Cardiff Council, covering: funeral services return to 45 minutes in length; the latest on key worker childcare; extra pedestrian space for Wood Street; and a survey to help children and young people to tell Welsh Government how they've felt about lockdown.


Funeral services return to pre-COVID-19 timings

45 minute funeral services will be reinstated in Cardiff after twenty days where services were limited to 30 minutes.

Shorter services, on top of a move to hold funerals six days a week, were introduced to increase the number of funerals that could be held during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure that the bereaved did not have an unduly long wait for a service to take place.

Cabinet Member with responsibility for Bereavement Services, Cllr Michael Michael said: "Our Bereavement Services team, and the many additional staff redeployed into the service, have done a fantastic job during what has been an incredibly challenging time.

"The compassion and professionalism with which they've handled the tragic realities of this Covid-19 outbreak deserve our thanks and recognition, but I know that, like all of us, the team will be pleased that we can once again offer people that little bit of extra time to mourn the passing of their loved ones."

45 minute services will be reintroduced from May 26th.


Key worker Childcare

Cardiff is now operating 25 school hubs open across the city for the children of key workers, providing 20,000 hours of childcare per week.

The primary, secondary, special and early years hubs will be operating as usual over the half term break next week.

Key workers that are critical to the COVID-19 response are advised that childcare provision should only be used if there is no safe, alternative form of childcare available.

Provision is still being prioritised for health and social care workers (including those working in homeless hostels and Outreach) and in the emergency services however, the provision arrangements will now also aim to accommodate wider categories of keyworkers, where possible.

For more information about childcare for key workers please visit:


Wood Street layout changes

Additional space is being made available for pedestrians to walk across Wood Street.

On Thursday, 21stMay 21), 60 metres of road space will be removed from the carriageway by the hoardings for the new BBC Headquarters.

Please socially distance from others when you are out and about in Cardiff.


Nationwide survey of children and young people

There's a survey to help children and young people to tell Welsh Government how they've felt about lockdown: how it's impacted on their health; any worries they've had; how they think it might affect their education; and also any positives they've had from it. It's a joint survey from the Welsh Government, the Children's Commissioner for Wales, Youth Parliament for Wales / Senedd Ieuenctid Cymru and Children in Wales.

The survey has been developed and tested with children and young people. It will help Government to respond in the best way to the situation as it develops, and to inform how they work with and talk to children and young people during this crisis and beyond. We need your help to ensure that as many children as possible have a chance to have their say.

Please note that the survey makes clear where children can seek help if they are affected by any of the topics in the survey.

It's likely to take children 15 minutes to complete and they can do it on any device by following the link. It closes on 27 May: