Funeral services return to pre-Covid19 timings
45 minute funeral services will be reinstated in Cardiff after twenty days where services were limited to 30 minutes.

Shorter services, on top of a move to hold funerals six days a week, were introduced to increase the number of funerals that could be held during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure that the bereaved did not have an unduly long wait for a service to take place.

Cabinet Member with responsibility for Bereavement Services, Cllr Michael Michael said: “Our Bereavement Services team, and the many additional staff redeployed into the service, have done a fantastic job during what has been an incredibly challenging time.

“The compassion and professionalism with which they’ve handled the tragic realities of this Covid-19 outbreak deserve our thanks and recognition, but I know that, like all of us, the team will be pleased that we can once again offer people that little bit of extra time to mourn the passing of their loved ones.”

45 minute services will be reintroduced from May 26th