COVID-19 Update: 16th April

Here is the latest COVID-19 round-up of the day from Cardiff Council, covering: Cardiff residents are being urged to continue to recycle their waste; almost £85,000 has been pledged to the Cardiff Food Appeal; and staff at Cardiff High School have come together to support the NHS. 


‘Please continue to recycle your waste in the green bags provided'

Cardiff residents are being urged to continue to recycle their waste during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most residents are already doing so, but some are asking why they should continue to separate their recyclables into green bags when the city's recycling waste is being taken to Viridor's Energy Recovery Facility at Trident Park during the outbreak.

There are four key reasons why we need you to continue to recycle:


As soon as the crisis is over - normal recycling operations will resume. If you are recycling as normal we will be able to switch back with minimum fuss. Please don't break the recycling habit. Once broken it's harder to resume and we could switch back to normal service sooner than you might expect.


There won't be enough room in your black wheelie bins for your general waste and your recyclable waste. Please keep them separate and identifiable as different types of waste.


Sending the majority of the city's waste to Viridor's facility is the safest option for residents and our crews during the ongoing crisis


The Energy Recovery Facility does recycle a proportion of waste which is put into the plant. This is through recycling the two residues which are produced through the process, which are bottom ash (materials that do not burn) and Fly Ash (residues collected through the flue gas treatment.)

You can read the full story here:


City entrepreneur boosts Cardiff Food Appeal

Almost £85,000 has been pledged to the Cardiff Food Appeal as the city comes together to support people in need during the COVID-19 crisis.

A donation of £3,000 from Cardiff-born entrepreneur and investor, Alan Peterson has boosted the pot this week after Admiral and two anonymous benefactors in the city kickstarted the appeal last week.

Council Leader, Cllr Huw Thomas, wrote to leading companies across Cardiff asking them to support the fund last week and a new donation scheme has been set up on the Council's website  where anyone can make a donation.

Mr Peterson said: "As a family we are actively involved in a number of large charities but right now charity starts at home - and that is Cardiff. As such we are delighted to support the Cardiff Council Leader's Appeal."

The appeal is the latest initiative to ensure people experiencing financial difficulties buying food and those who aren't able to shop for themselves at this time have provisions. All of the money raised from the appeal will be spent on food and essentials.

To make a donation, please visit:

Thank you.


Staff at Cardiff High School have come together to support the NHS

Design & Technology teachers Liam Powell and Jon Martlew wanted to do something to help and have been manufacturing up to 300 visors per day using school materials.

The school's PTA have also been supporting the scheme by creating a funding page which has raised in excess of £10,000 so that Liam and Jon can purchase further materials.

This will continue while the crisis lasts and the school would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who has supported them so far.

More information can be found here: