The news from Cardiff Council that you might have missed last week

Monday 30/03/20

30/03/20 - Frequently asked questions for waste during the COVID-19 crisis

Question 1: Why are you changing collections? Answer: We have a large workforce that are working hard to maintain regular collections. Some of our workforce have been re-deployed to other essential duties. 

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Tuesday 31/03/20

31/03/20 - 10 key COVID-19 service changes for Cardiff every resident needs to know about

In order to respond to the current COVID-19 emergency, and prepare for the challenges ahead, Cardiff Council services have rapidly adopted new ways of working to ensure the continued provision of critical services, to protect our most vulnerable citizens. 

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31/03/20 - COVID19 Update - Cardiff Market

Changes have been introduced at Cardiff Market to ensure that essential traders can continue providing fresh produce to customers across the city during the COVID19 outbreak. 

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Wednesday 01/04/20

01/04/20 - Cardiff cemeteries to temporarily close after large number of weekend visitors

Four Cardiff cemeteries are to be temporarily closed to the public, unless they are attending a funeral, following a weekend which saw large numbers of people visiting the sites and failing to adhere to government instructions on social distancing. 

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Thursday 02/04/20

02/04/20 - Urgent appeal for social care and social workers in Cardiff

Cardiff Council has issued an urgent appeal for social care and social workers to join the authority and play a vital role in helping communities through the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

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02/04/20 - COVID-19; Update to school arrangements during Easter.

The Free School Meal provision will be changing to a voucher scheme from Monday 6, April and will be extended to cover what would have been the two week school Easter holiday period. 

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Friday 03/04/20

03/04/20 - 1,000 volunteers join Together for Cardiff

The Together for Cardiff volunteer force is now a 1,000-strong group of residents from across the city who have pledged to give their time and services to help people in need during the COVID-19 emergency. 

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