COVID-19: Social Distancing Arrangements for Allotments
Cardiff’s allotments can still be used during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, but in line with government advice, new guidance has been introduced to ensure they are used safely.

·       If you are self-isolating, do not enter the site.

·       Limit visits to 1 hour a day, in line with daily exercise recommendations.

·       Observe social distancing with each other, keep 2 metres apart and minimise contact with each other.

·       Visit alone - do not bring family and friends.

·       Keep hand sanitiser with you and use it regularly, particularly before and after opening and closing gates and handling padlocks.

·       Wear disposable gloves and change these regularly.

·       Do not share tools. Wipe your own tools down after use.

·       Do not wash your hands in water troughs.

·       Stay on your own plot, do not enter other plots, even if you have had prior permission

·       With immediate effect all communal facilities are closed, including toilets.