COVID-19 update: Tuesday, March 24
News on schools, funeral and wedding arrangements, volunteers, hubs, distribution of waste bags and businesses flouting government instructions

School Provision and Childcare for Key Workers

The school arrangements and childcare provisions that were put in place on Monday, March 23 will remain the same for the time being, as will the free school meals service.

These arrangements will be changing in light of the latest measures from UK Government, announced by the Prime Minister at 8.30pm on Monday, March 23.

Planning for the new arrangements is underway, and details will be communicated to parents as soon as they have been finalised.

COVID-19 update: hubs & libraries; recycling and food waste bags

From tomorrow, Wednesday, March 24, to help slow and halt transmission of the virus, only the following four core Hubs will remain open: St Mellons, Ely, the Powerhouse, and Central Library Hub.

Access to these hubs will be by appointment onlywith the exception of collection of Foodbank parcels and green bags.

Usual weekday opening hours will apply to these community Hubs, they will not be open on weekends except for Central Library Hub which will operate at the times listed below; 

Opening times Central Library Hub:

Monday - Wednesday, 9am - 6pm.

Thursday - 10am - 7pm.

Friday - 9am - 6pm.

Saturday - 9am - 5.30pm.

Please note, in addition to these Hubs green bags are also still being delivered to households and we are currently working on arrangements for bags to be available at local shops, which are to remain open.

Please bear with us as these plans are finalised.


Green bags and food waste bags:

The Council has an adequate supply of green recycling bags and food waste liners. All four hubs, listed above, will receive regular deliveries.

Bag deliveries will also continue to food shops in the city which usually stock these products.

Bag deliveries to homes will also continue. Council staff that cannot carry out their normal daily job, due to the pandemic, have been re-deployed to help deliver bags.

Residents can request more bags online or via the Cardiff Gov app. We are rationing deliveries to three rolls of green bags and three rolls of food waste liners. This should ensure residents have enough bags and will discourage stockpiling of these items. We thank you for your patience in this matter.


COVID-19: Births, Marriages & Deaths - Cardiff limits numbers at funerals and cancels weddings

Following the Prime Minister's address to the nation, Cardiff Council has introduced limits on the number of people attending funerals and wedding services have been cancelled to help slow the transmission of COVID-19.

From today, a maximum of ten immediate family members will be able to attend burials and cremations taking place at Thornhill Crematorium and the city's cemeteries.

All wedding ceremonies are now cancelled and due to a spring backlog caused by COVID-19, new bookings for weddings will not be taken for dates before September. No new notices of marriage are currently being taken.

Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Michael Michael, said: "These are big milestone events when families and friends would normally come together to celebrate or to mourn, but these really are unprecedented times and top priority has to be limiting social contact to help delay the spread of COVID-19.

"To help as many people as possible to pay their respects to loved ones, the council are waiving their standard £50 fee for live webcasts of funeral services. These services, provided by a contractor are subject to demand, but will be available via a private PIN number which will be provided on request from the funeral director."

The reception area at Thornhill Crematorium is now closed to the public. Queries can still be handled online calling 029 2054 4820.

To maintain service levels, priority is currently being given to key work directly related to burials and cremations over ground maintenance regimes in Cardiff's cemeteries. Cemeteries currently remain open to the public but any visitors are required to follow social distancing rules and only travel if essential.

The annual Palm Sunday Service, which was scheduled to take place at Thornhill Crematorium on April 5th2020 has been cancelled.

The reception at Cardiff Register Office is now closed to the public. Births and deaths can still be registered at City Hall, by appointment only. Only one person will be permitted to register either of these events. To make an appointment call 029 2087 1680 or 029 2087 1684 or


A BIG thank you to the people of Cardiff! We've had an overwhelming response since the launch of Together For Cardiff - over 800 people have said they want to volunteer already! So many people wanting to offer their time to support their community. Our team are busy contacting everyone who has kindly said they want to help.

What an amazing response! It's amazing to see people coming together to do what they can.

#workingforcardiff #workingforyou

Support our key workers and keep your children occupied by putting a picture in your window! It could be a rainbow, something colourful or any other inspirational message to keep up the spirits of workers providing essential services in #Cardiff Share your pictures with us as we continue #workingforcardiff #workingforyou


COVID-19: Emergency repairs

We are prioritizing emergency council housing repairs as a response to COVID-19. In order to do this we are postponing urgent and routine repairs for the time being. If you are contacted about an emergency repair, please tell us if you are self-isolating or have symptoms of the virus.#workingforcardiff#workingforyou


COVID-19: Retailers that flout government instructions to close warned they risk fines and losing their licences

Non-essential businesses that break government restrictions and remain open have been warned they face fines and losing their licences.

Cardiff Council officers say they have been made aware of pubs failing to close or holding "lock-ins" despite the government announcing on Friday that licensed premises should shut.

Cabinet member for Clean Streets, Recycling and the Environment Cllr Michael Michael, said: "This has got to stop.

"If you carry on then you can expect significant problems obtaining a licence when the time comes to re-open. These rules are here now and it's not a request, it's a government order. We all have to do our bit to save people's lives."

With the extension of the order on Monday night to cover more businesses, the council's Shared Regulatory Service is contacting all affected premises to make sure they understand the new requirements.

Cllr Michael, added: "I do hope the rest of the retail sector will act responsibly and avoid the need for the Council to take enforcement action".

Contact Shared Regulatory Services (SRS) on 0300 123 6696 to report any concerns or to get further guidance


COVID-19: HWRC's Close

Cardiff's HWRC's (Lamby Way / Bessemer Close) have closed with immediate effect following the Prime Minister's address to the nation on social distancing and his warning on non-essential travel.