Helping keep communities safe with alley gating


Cardiff Council's commitment to tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in problem hotspots throughout the city is underlined in an updated policy on alley gating.


The Alley Gating on Public Highways Policy and Strategy for 2020 outlines how alley gating schemes are a simple and effective measure to reduce incidents that can have a detrimental effect on local communities.


More than 200 lanes have been alley-gated in the city since 2008, benefitting over 7,000 properties and helping to improve the quality of life for people in these areas that had previously been thwarted with issues like burglary, underage drinking, substance misuse, environmental crime and arson.


The new policy has now been developed to reflect existing legislative requirements, such as the replacement of Gating Orders with Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs,) and to set out the current considerations and procedures that are involved in the delivery of gating schemes.


Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: "In line with our Capital Ambition vision to help make Cardiff communities safe places to live by addressing anti-social behaviour, we recognise the importance of alley gating schemes and the value they have in preventing and reducing crime in certain areas.


"Alley gating schemes have proved very popular and successful in the city and we have received very positive feedback from residents who live near gating schemes. Overwhelmingly, they feel relieved and more secure in and around their homes.


"Alley gating continues to be in high demand and we will work with residents, as well as partners such as South Wales Police, to identify lanes in highest need of gating and ensure the scheme is effectively implemented to tackle crime and disorder, help reduce the fear of crime and restore community confidence."


Cabinet is recommended to approve the Alley Gating on Public Highways Policy and Strategy for 2020 at its next meeting on Thursday, March 19.