Investing in Cardiff communities


Investing in new and improved housing across local neighbourhoods and delivering major regeneration schemes to create sustainable and well-connected communities is at the heart of the Council's housing business plan.


The authority's Housing Revenue Account business plan for 2020/21, which all stock retaining local authorities in Wales are required to present to Welsh Government,  reinforces the Council's vision for delivering 2,000 much-needed new council homes in the city to tackle high demand, and commits to a range of schemes to rejuvenate existing communities and deliver services in a joined-up way to meet the needs of residents.


The plan highlights exciting projects such as the second phase of the Maelfa redevelopment scheme in Llanedeyrn, including a new integrated Health and Wellbeing Hub and 41 new ‘care-ready' properties, and the forthcoming regeneration of the Channel View estate in Grangetown. This redevelopment will deliver new energy efficient homes, better connectivity to green spaces and facilities, and improved sustainable transport networks.


Regeneration work is also underway at Anderson Place and Galston Street in Adamsdown and Bronte Crescent and Arnold Avenue in Llanrumney while residents are also being consulted on proposals for a scheme in Round Wood, Llanedeyrn. Initial scoping and design work has started on two estate regeneration schemes at Trowbridge green, Rumney and Lincoln Court, Llanedeyrn. 




Increased collaboration with public sector and third sectors is a key theme of the 2020/21 business plan in order to deliver and improve services to communities. The Council is committed to working in partnership to deliver projects such as the new Community and Wellbeing Hubs in Whitchurch and Rhydypennau, and The Chapel facility at Cardiff Royal Infirmary and new youth hubs in the city centre and Butetown, which will house integrated services for young people, helping them get the skills and experience they need to succeed.


The plan gives an update on the Council's plans for 2,000 new council homes, the latest on its high rise refurbishment project to replace cladding at five blocks of flats, the successful work taking place in the city's network of community hubs and the continued commitment to ensuring the best services possible are available for homeless individuals, particularly those with complex needs, to help them get their lives back on track.


Cabinet Member for Housing and Communities, Cllr Lynda Thorne, said: "Once again, this year's HRA business plan is ambitious and far-reaching, making sure we are delivering the best services we can for people in Cardiff.


"Our new housing strategy represents the largest Council housing building programme in Wales and a £280m investment into building affordable, high quality, sustainable and energy-efficient homes across the city.


"While delivering 2,000 new council homes is a vital part of our vision, it's also important that we invest in existing communities like Channel View and Maelfa, as well as facilities and services, so that the benefits of our investment are felt right across the city.


"We have a number of exciting regeneration plans, either already underway or coming very soon that will breathe new life into local communities creating a more attractive environment and better connectivity for local people.


"I'm delighted that we continue to perform extremely well against the Welsh Housing Quality Standardsa and we will continue to invest in our stock, with improvement programmes that includeroofing works, front door upgrades to flats, window replacements and of course, the high-rise safety works to replace the cladding we removed two years ago.


"We're also committed to meeting the needs of the aging population, building and adapting homes to help people stay independent including our exciting new "care-ready" schemes offering quality, flexible homes for older people which in turn will free up family homes for rent."


Cardiff's HRA business plan will be considered by Cabinet at its next meeting on Thursday March 19.