Bryn Deri Primary School; ‘A welcoming and vibrant community' says Estyn


Bryn Deri Primary School in Radyr has achieved ‘good' across the board during a recent inspection by Estyn, the Education Inspectorate for Wales.

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Inspectors who visited the school, described it as a ‘welcoming and vibrant community that provides a stimulating learning environment for its pupils.' They also said that nearly all pupils show ‘positive attitudes and speak with enthusiasm about the experiences the school provides.'

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The report goes onto say that all staff have ‘positive working relationships with pupils and support and challenge them to achieve well' whilst providing ‘meaningful opportunities for pupils to shape the direction of their learning and to influence decisions about the daily life of the school.'

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Responding to the schools success, Headteacher Claire Davies said:"Our recent Estyn success recognises the strong features in performance and practice. We are particularly proud that the report recognises our school vision in action and that learning experiences at Bryn Deri reflect the principles of the new Curriculum for Wales.

"I would like to offer a huge congratulations to the pupils, staff, governors, parents and the many members of Radyr & Morganstown local community who give their time freely for the success of the school.

"It is these relationships and positive attitudes that form the basis of the success of all our pupils and ensures that we continue to be a strong learning community with positive attitudes to life and learning."

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Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills, Cllr Sarah Merry said: "I am delighted to hear that another of our school's has achieved a fantastic Estyn outcome, an excellent achievement for all the staff, pupils, governors and parents at the school.

"Learning that inspectors found Bryn Deri to have formed strong links with the local community which has enriched their pupils experience was particularly interesting and demonstrates that our schools really are at the heart of Cardiff's communities.

"Congratulations to everyone at the school for their hard work and enthusiasm."