Having a pre-Christmas clear out? Find out what to do with your junk


Is your Christmas tree up yet? Or are you planning to do it this weekend? Maybe you're a festive fanatic and your tree has been up since November?

Whatever camp you fall into, you can guarantee that you'll need a big pre-Christmas clear out as the tree goes up to make space in your home to accommodate extra guests, toys and emergency seating.

Make sure you keep stress levels to a minimum with our tips for common pre-Christmas recycling queries:

  • Christmas lights- It's the same battle every year, untangling the Christmas lights from the decorations box and then finding out that some of them aren't working. But do you know what to do with broken Christmas lights? Please don't stick them in your general waste, instead take them down to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre at either Lamby Way or Bessemer Close. Find locations and opening times


  • Cardboard boxes- If you've taken full advantage of the Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday and your home is filled with Amazon Prime delivery boxes you can put your cardboard in your green bags. If they're too large to go in the bags, put them alongside your green bags for collection. Please wait until a dry day to do this and remove polystyrene first.


  • Polystyrene- The packaging within your delivery boxes can be taken to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre if it's very large and you're unable to break it down. Find locations and opening times you are able to break it into smaller pieces, please place it INSIDE your red striped bags or black bins. Please don't put it outside of your bin or bags on the pavement.


  • Old unwanted Christmas decorations- If you're not keen on putting up the metallic foil ornament hangers or you're having a change of colour scheme this year, we encourage you to donate old decorations to your local charity shop. If your decorations are broken, they will need to be placed in your black bin or red striped bags.



  • Household clearance -You may need to get some decorating done before your guests arrive for the festive season. If you're getting rid of a load of household junk, why not hire a skip from us?All your waste will be sorted once we collect it and we'll separate out the recycling, with any non-recyclable waste turned into energy at a local facility in Cardiff. With us you can have peace of mind that none of your rubbish is going to landfill. Please more information.


For more information and advice on recycling and waste please see ourhelpful advice over the festive period.