Residents ‘Working for Cardiff’ to help keep streets leaf-free

During the autumn, falling leaves can cause big problems on our city streets.

There is an increased risk of slips and falls and they can block the drains causing flooding.

Residents living in tree lined streets in the city, where there is a higher leaf fall, have come together as a community to share the task of clearing the leaves, sweeping them into piles for the Council's Street Cleansing Team to take away.

For the past few years, residents in Pontcanna and Riverside are proactively clearing leaves in the communal ‘Big Sweeps'.

Schedule of Pontcanna and Riverside Big Sweeps:

  • Saturday 2ndNovember - Ryder Street and Plasturton Gardens / Place
  • Saturday 9thNovember - Conway Road and Turberville Place
  • Saturday 16thNovember - Talbot Street and Pontcanna Street
  • Sunday 24thNovember - Neville Street, Despenser Gardens & Clare Gardens
  • Sunday 1st   December - Severn Grove

A Cardiff Council spokesperson said: "For the last four years we have found residents in Pontcanna enthusiastically clearing leaves in the communal ‘Big Sweeps'.

"It is hard work, especially if the leaves are wet and heavy to shift but so rewarding to see the result of their efforts, a street that is safe to walk along. Residents use their own sweeping brushes and last year we noticed that some were using snow shovels and these are actually a better implement for both dry and wet leaves."

"This way of working together is unique in Cardiff - the efforts are organised entirely by the communitywith the wonderful support from the Council's City Centre Council Street Cleansing team"

"Thank you for all the brilliant leaf clearing work - it has made a great difference to our community."

Residents can report fallen leaves on the pavement and the road via the Cardiff GOV App.

To download the App visit the Google Play Store​​​​​​​​​​ or Apple's App store and search ‘Cardiff Gov'.