Cardiff Celebrates 30 Years of Children's Rights on World Children's Day

Today (Wednesday 20, November) children in Cardiff celebrated World Children's Day, UNICEF's annual day of action for children, by children. The event provided an opportunity for children and young people to come together to celebrate progress made to advance their rights and highlight the work that still needs to be done. 


This year marked 30years of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and schools across the Cardiff will host a range events to commemorate the special anniversary.

Some highlights from across the city included;

  • Ninian Park Primary School hosted a Rights Parade from the school.
  • Coed Glas Primary School was taken over by pupils. Children delivered lessons, ran the office and even supervised the teachers during playtime. 
  • Pupils at Ysgol Pen y Groes took part in a full day of creative activity which they will use to showcase what Children's Rights are to parents and governors.

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Cardiff Council is aspiring to become a Child Friendly City outlined in the Strategy launched last year, with five clear goals which set out how to embed children's rights and attain UNICEF Child Friendly City status;

  • Every child and young person is valued, respected and treated fairly.
  • Every child and young person has their voice, needs and priorities heard and taken into account.
  • All children and young people grow up in a safe and supportive home.
  • All children and young people access high quality education that promotes their rights and helps them develop their skills and talents to the full.
  • Children have good physical, mental and emotional health and know how to stay healthy

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Today, 91of Cardiff's schools are signed up to the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Programme, showing their support to help Cardiff become one of the UK's first Child Friendly City's. 

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The RRSA programme recognises a school which puts child rights into practice, creating a safe and inspiring place to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive.

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