Cantonian High School Estyn report: Inspectors praise school as ‘Good' in all five categories

Pupils, staff and governors are celebrating after Estyn rated Cantonian High School goodacross all five categories looked at by the education inspectorate for Wales,the second highest rating possible.

Following a recent visit to the school, Estyn inspectors found that‘many pupils make good progress during their time at the school.'

The inspectors also reported thatthe school was found to have an ‘inclusive and supportive ethos that supports all pupils, including vulnerable pupils, well, using a range of initiatives.'

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The report goes onto say that teachers and teaching assistants ‘develop productive working relationships with pupils, have high expectations ofbehaviourand use praise well to motivate pupils to make good progress in their learning and to achieve their best.' As a result, outcomes at GCSE over the past four years have comparedfavourablywith other, similar schools, with pupils making more progress than expected in many areas.

The inspectors saw that most pupils behave well in lessons and around the school, and are respectful to their teachers and peers. They found that the school provides valuable opportunities for pupils to engage in activities that enrich their learning and as a result, nearly all pupils are developing successfully as ethical and informed citizens.

Estyn also recognised thattheHeadteacherprovides ‘determined leadership and has a clear vision of high expectation for all'.

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Deputy Leader of Cardiff council and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills said: "I am delighted for Mrs Gill, the staff, governors and pupils at Cantonian High School. They have worked incredibly hard and this latest Estyn report is testament to the determination and commitment of all those involved at the school."

Giving her reaction to Estyn's findings, Headteacher Diane Gill said: "The progress the school has made since its previous inspection in February 2015, where it was placed in the Estyn category of ‘in need to significant improvement', is truly remarkable andCantonianHigh School is now considered to be the most improved school in Cardiff.

"However, school improvement does not happen in isolation; it happens through working in partnership towards a shared goal and our parents andcarershave been instrumental in this journey. As ever, I am not complacent; the determination and ambition continues. I want every child who joinsCantonianHigh School to achieve their best. Staff in the school are committed to ensuring that every child has the highest quality teaching and learning experience that prepares them well for life beyond school."


Chair of Governors to the school,AlvynMorgan, said: "The governors are proud of the progress that has been achieved and thank the staff for a superb effort sustained over a challenging period for the school. Looking ahead, the school can now strive to reach even higher standards that will compare to the best performers in the City. Cantonian High School is a success story and the school has a bright future."

As part of the Council's Band B 21st Century Schools programme, proposals have been put forward to build an education campus in Fairwater which would deliver new-build education accommodation for Cantonian High School along with two other Cardiff Schools.

The Doyle Avenue site is the current home of Cantonian High School, and at over 11 hectares, it presents Cardiff Council with an opportunity to build a new Cantonian High School, a new Woodlands Special School and a new Riverbank Special School, on a single campus.

Cllr Merry added; "This inspection marks the start of an exciting future for Cantonian High School. If agreed, the Doyle Avenue site would provide an opportunity to deliver new-build, efficient facilities for Cantonian High School,ensuring that students at the school will have access to the best quality learning environment to support and enhance teaching and learning."