Statement on today's tent operation.

A council spokesperson said: "Council workers were called today to remove a tent which contained needles, broken glass and human waste from the green space off Museum Avenue.

"This tent belonged to an individual who has refused to engage with council services despite several attempts by our outreach team to help. The occupant had in fact returned to this area after being served with a notice to leave the week before.

"Once our team arrived on site the owner of the tent left the area wearing a rucksack leaving his tent behind. The second notice, which was served on him 24 hours earlier, made clear that if he failed to remove his tent before officers arrived it would be cleared away.

"While removing the tent we discovered it contained needles, broken glass and human waste. The occupant returned during the clear up and asked to have his belongings returned. We were unable to allow this due to the contaminants found in the tent. Last week when tents were being removed in this area one of our officers was taken to hospital after a syringe needle penetrated his skin during the clean-up.

"There was another tent dweller on the site today who did engage with our outreach team who were on site to offer help. He asked if he could be reconnected with his hometown and our team have facilitated that request.

"Unfortunately, there are some individuals who are refusing to engage with us, but we will continue to offer support and to encourage them to access places in the wide range of accommodation and support services which are available in the city.Since January we have helped 40 rough sleepers into accommodation, 14 of which were living in tents. We want to be clear with the public that many of these individuals have extremely complex issues. We want to help them turn their lives around, but we can only do this if they engage with us."