Open-plan toilet design in Cardiff schools

There are no mixed-sex toilet cubicles in any of our schools, but our newer schools incorporate an open-plan design. 

Each toilet cubicle is private and self-contained, separated by floor-to-ceiling walls and door. These are left and right of central hand-basins and a central dividing partition. 

Signage designates one side for female use only, and designates the other side for male use only. 

New schools built through the 21st Century School's programme are modern, light and open plan. 

It is Welsh Government's preference that new schools use an open-plan toilet design. 

The design process for each of our new schools includes consultation with pupils, students, teachers, Governors, and other stakeholders, ensuring that a range of views shape the final design layout. 

An example of the open-plan toilet design can be seen in these photos: