New street names to reflect local heritage

New streets and future developments in Cardiff should be given names that reflect local heritage, ensuring a historical, cultural and linguistic link to the city.

A draft naming policy that outlines the intention to adopt a Welsh name, consistent with the local heritage and history of an area, for new streets has been developed by the Council to provide advice and guidance to developers and existing property owners.

The policy, outlining the Council's commitment to work towards parity between English street names and Welsh street names in the city, will be considered by Cabinet at its next meeting on Thursday, November 15.

Cabinet Member for Transport, Planning and Sustainability, Cllr Caro Wild, said: "Cardiff has a significant historical background so it's important as the city grows, we acknowledge and preserve this heritage by ensuring new street names have a local and historical context.

"The names we give new streets and developments have a key role to play in place-making and as we work towards becoming a truly bilingual capital city, it's essential our ambition is captured in distinct names that have significance to our surroundings."

The naming and numbering of streets and properties has a number of important functions including wayfinding, efficient delivery of mail and ensuring emergency services can locate properties quickly.

Street naming is also important in the context of the Council's commitments to the Welsh Language Standards and Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, which includes the national wellbeing goal of ‘A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language'. Ensuring street names in Cardiff reflect local heritage will play an important role in delivering this goal.

Historically, core routes into the city, the city centre and Cardiff Bay area have had both Welsh and English names on street name plates but outside of these areas, existing street names are not required to be bilingual.

The Council will call on the expertise on external academics when deciding new Welsh street names. Any bilingual street name plate signs will display the Welsh language above the English language when new or replacement signs are required.

If agreed by Cabinet, public consultation will be carried out on the street naming policy prior to approval of the final policy.