National Adoption Week support from Cardiff Council Cabinet Member

Cardiff Council's Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Cllr Graham Hinchey is adding his support to National Adoption Week. 

In a statement, Cllr Hinchey said: "It's a sad but true fact that Wales has a growing number of children now awaiting adoption. 

"As Cabinet Member for Children's Services I have met many young people in care who would love to have a safe and secure family. Every child deserves the right to be part of a loving and caring family. 

"I am sure there are many people in and around Cardiff who would consider becoming adopter parents, willing to make a lifelong difference to a child that may not have experienced what most other children take for granted. 

"There is lots of support and advice available. If you would like more information to consider whether you could be that person to make a real difference to a child awaiting adoption of fostering please get in touch." 

In Wales, there are more than twice as many children waiting for families than there are adopters. 

Expressions of interest can be made through the National Adoption Service by calling 0800 023 4064 or visiting