Changes proposed for short break services at Tŷ Storrie children's home

Cardiff Council's Cabinet is to consider plans to bring short-break care provision at its Tŷ  Storrie children's home in-house. 

Explaining the reasons for the proposal, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Cllr Graham Hinchey, said: "By providing care at Tŷ  Storrie ourselves, rather than through a contract arrangement with a third party, we will have the flexibility to meet the bespoke and changing needs of the children and young people using the short break service. 

"The successful and well regarded service we provide at our Crosslands children's home shows that we have the capability to do the same at Tŷ  Storrie, with all the benefits of close alignment of services, streamlined decision making and direct governance that would bring. 

"The staff would have full access to our training and development opportunities, ensuring that skills evolve as the care needs of the children and young people change, and also strengthening recruitment and selection." 

Care provision at the children's home is currently provided by the charity Action for Children. A rolling arrangement was put in place to provide the flexibility to respond to the changing care needs of the children using the home. 

The local authority has written to the families that access services at Tŷ  Storrie, informing them that changes are being considered. Staff and Trade Unions have been consulted. The staff currently working at the home would be transferred to the council under Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations. 

The Cabinet will meet on Thursday, July 12 to discuss the report. Subject to Cabinet approval, further consultation with stakeholders will be undertaken, prior to timescales for implementation being set. 

A full copy of the Cabinet report is available online at