Cardiff council victory in fight against wheel clamp vandals

A Cardiff man was given a conditional discharge for 18 months, and ordered to pay £100 compensation, a £20 victim surcharge and £85 costs at Cardiff Magistrate's Court yesterday, having pleaded guilty to Criminal Damage after he illegally removed a wheel clamp from his car. 

Mr Christopher Moore, aged 22 from Mayfield Avenue, Canton was seen cutting the wheel clamp from his car when it was parked outside his home address. 

Cardiff Council provided footage showing the offence being committed, which led to South Wales Police charging Mr Moore with Criminal Damage on March 24, 2018. 

Commenting on the successful prosecution, Cabinet Member for Finance, Modernisation and Performance, Cllr Chris Weaver, said: "We use clamping as a last resort and for a reason. Anyone failing to pay a parking fine, or committing a moving traffic offence - such as driving in a bus lane, or blocking a yellow box junction - has to know there are consequences to their actions. Otherwise we have no deterrent against problem drivers causing a hazard and a nuisance to other road users. 

"It is completely unacceptable for motorists to take the law into their own hands by removing wheel clamps. We have had 16 cases of clamps being illegal removed in the last 12 months, I therefore welcome the court's action, which sends a clear message that people caught damaging wheel clamps will be punished. 

"There are instructions on the clamps which set out how motorists go about paying to have them removed. If they wish to make a complaint, they can make it through the proper channels at the council. Under no circumstances should the clamps be removed by the motorist."