Update on Ernie the spaniel

Cardiff Council would like to thank the Abrahams for bringing Ernie the spaniel to Cardiff Dogs Home today (Friday, April 6) so we could carry out the required, legal checks on him.

Our wardens checked Ernie's chip details and his health and the Abrahams completed the required finder's paperwork for us. Ernie was then allowed to return to Newport and subject to final home check Ernie will be allowed to stay in a loving and caring new home.

Our warden has advised the Abrahams to continue to seek veterinary advice regarding on-going treatment in order to meet Ernie's welfare needs.

Today's visit to the dog home was important. We needed to see Ernie and we needed to scan his chip to be certain of his health and ownership history.

The visit also ensured that the Abrahams fulfilled their legal responsibility under Section 150(1b) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 which states clearlythat ‘any person who finds a stray dog shalltake the dog to the officer of the local authorityfor the area inwhich the dog was foundand shall inform the officer of the local authority.' 

While many finders may wish to keep a dog they find, the Council has to make reasonable attempts to identify an owner, in order to afford them reasonable opportunity to collect their dog. We have to do this by law before authorising any finder to keep a dog, as per Section 4 of the  Environmental Protection (Stray Dogs) Regulations 1992.

This is why we needed to see Ernie.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind anyone who does find a stray dog of the following:

If you find a dog that is obviously lost, check to see if the dog is wearing a collar and an identification disc. You may wish to hold onto the dog while you try to find or contact the owner.

If you find a stray dog you are legally obliged to contact the Council in which the dog was found to report the matter.  The Council will want to have details of the dog including where and when you found it. The dog will need to be checked for a micro-chip either by a vet, at Council premises or a Warden can call to your property.

We will check if the owner has reported it missing. If they have, then we will try to reunite the dog with its owner, without the dog having to come into the home.

If the dog has not been reported missing, the Dog Warden will come and collect the dog from you during office hours.

If find a stray dog in Cardiff you can bring it straight to us at the dogs' home at any time. We have 24-hour cover for receiving stray dogs. If possible, please contact us before bringing in a dog outside our normal working hours. The contact number, if you find a stray in Cardiff, is 029 2071 1243. This is a 24/7 service, 365 days a year.