Fairtrade in our schools

Fairtrade in  our schools

An important aspect of Fairtrade is showing future generations the benefits of buying Fairtrade. In all our schools since 2006, we have only served students Fairtrade bananas.  The coffee, tea, chocolate, sugar sticks, orange juice, cookies and various snack bars we serve are also all Fairtrade.

As well as providing children in schools with Fairtrade products, we also understand the importance of educating students on the benefits of Fairtrade. As part of Fairtrade Fortnight, Aled Pickard from FairDos has been visiting schools across the city and speaking to the children about Fairtrade. When asked why he thought it was important to educate children about it, he said, " we enable them to realise how much work goes into growing and producing some of our favourite things, like chocolate or coffee, and that they originate from some of the world's poorest countries where people often don't have enough to eat.  It's important that children realise that we have the power to change people's lives through the things that we buy and buying Fairtrade products is an easy way of doing that."

When asked how children used the information they hear about Fairtrade he said "Children are very receptive.  Fairness is very important to them - they can see when situations aren't fair and want to change things.  I share stories with the children about the impact we have when we buy fair trade items". "Children love to hear about all the positive things that Fairtrade is doing all over the world and how they can help."

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