Cardiff Council Statement: Road network

Cardiff Council has worked tirelessly to grit the primary routes across Cardiff. Conditions overnight have meant roads are extremely difficult to navigate.

However, the work undertaken ensured that there were no large volumes of stranded vehicles across the network and that people reached home safely.

The work to grit the roads will continue through day, but as the severe weather continues the impact of gritting becomes limited. Snow ploughs were deployed overnight (this only occurs when snow is over 4-5cm deep).

Due to the unprecedented red weather warning roads are going to continue to be extremely difficult to navigate this morning and throughout the day, and therefore it is recommended that movements only take place as a last resort.

It is likely Cardiff Bus and Arriva Trains will be running reduced services, so please check before leaving home. Please be safe and if you need to drive please ensure you drive prepared with warm clothing, a flask of warm drink and a shovel.