Future management of Cardiff's trees goes before Scrutiny Committee

The Council has recently commissioned an external consultant to review its Tree Management Policy and Councillors on Cardiff Council's Environmental Scrutiny Committee will have the opportunity to review these findings and make recommendations on how potential risks are managed.

Chair of Cardiff Council's Environmental Scrutiny Committee, Cllr Ramesh Patel said: "One of the main areas we'll be looking into are the risk management considerations associated with maintaining trees. Because it's important to remember that failing to manage our trees correctly can cause public safety issues, which in turn could result in liability claims being made against the Council if for example a tree branch falls and causes injury or damage and negligence is proved. A rigorous inspection and maintenance programme as part of the Council's tree management policy will help guard against this sort of action."

The item on tree management will be received by the Environmental Scrutiny Committee at 5:25pm on Tuesday 7thNovember. The venue for the meeting will be Committee Room 4 in County Hall and members of the public are welcome to attend. The meeting will also be broadcast via a live webcast that can be viewed here:

For details of the full meeting agenda and to view papers for the meeting please visit: