National Apprenticeship Week - March 5th - 9th 2018

Across the country people are celebrating National Apprenticeship week. One of the ways people are doing so is highlighting the accomplishments and accolades apprentices have achieved. Two of apprentices are being recognised themselves in the form of national award nominations.

Louis Talbot is a trainee with Highways and has been there since August 2016. Louis has been learning skills and doing qualification in street works, drainage, street lightning and traffic management. He's been nominated for Apprentice Of The Year as the APSE Highways and Street Lighting seminar 2018. The awards are later this month in Blackpool. Andy Davis, who nominated Louis for the award said, "He is polite, has good time management skills and acquired a number of qualifications through the traineeship, mentoring and support he has received - this being on top of the hard work Louis has himself put in. I would confidently predict that Louis will be a valued employee of the council for many years to come."

Michael Thomas who is an apprentice with Waste management, was also been nominated for an award; Quality Skills Alliance Sector Apprentice of the Year - which he went on to win.  Neighbourhood Services Refuse Supervisor Lee Jones said "Tutors have seen an increase in Michael's confidence, he has gained essential skills and appears more relaxed, happy and helpful towards colleagues. "The experience will help to improve Michaels work prospects and in doing so give him the confidence to carry out more training and education in the future."

These are just two of countless examples of how apprenticeships can not only be great for the individual, but benefit employers and business alike. We're sure you'll join us in congratulating Michael and wishing Louis the best of luck!