Council advises schools to open tomorrow

Council advises schools to open tomorrow

Cardiff Council has issued advice to all schools in the city to open tomorrow, Monday, March 5, wherever possible, following last weeks severe weather.


Milder temperatures and the Met Office forecast for today (Sunday) and into Monday suggest conditions around Cardiff and the surrounding areas will continue to improve.

All priority routes on the road network opened on Saturday, secondary routes are navigable today and with the thaw continuing, travelling around the city should return to normal tomorrow.


In view of this, the local authority is advising all schools to open on Monday to both pupils and staff where possible. 


Given the significant snowfall and freezing conditions over the past few days we recognise there may be some school sites which will continue to be affected by drifts and some ice patches which could affect opening on a limited number of sites. To assist clearance the Council is arranging to prioritise gritting to schools with known accessibility issues and significant numbers of children with transport needs.


We can confirm that all large school bus services will be operating where schools are open. Pupils should be advised that these services may run slightly later if traffic is heavy and should therefore wear appropriate clothing in case they have to wait longer than normal at their bus stops.


Pupils transported to school via taxi or minibus contractors should be advised that the drivers will contact the parents direct to arrange to either pick up from the home address or if their street is still not accessible to make alternative pick up arrangements from a nearby main road.


Pupils transported in wheelchairs or who have mobility issues, will not be transported until their road or street is accessible. Parents should be advised to liaise directly with the driver or contractor to ensure that they are advised of the road conditions and when they are accessible to arrange for transport to pick them up.


The final decision to open the school remains that of the Headteacher and the Chair of Governors. Parents are therefore advised to check for messages from their schools for the latest information.