Homeless provision in Cardiff

  • The council helps many people who find themselves homeless and a range of different provision is available, from statutory temporary accommodation for people owed a duty by the local authority, to other supported accommodation which is accessed via the Single Persons Gateway and Young Persons Gateway.

  • Addressing rough sleeping in the city is a key priority for the Council and we are working with partners to deliver our Rough Sleeper Strategy, including adopting a ‘No First Night Out' policy and piloting new approaches, including a ‘Housing First' model which moves rough sleepers straight from the streets into a permanent home. 


  • Overall we provide 216 hostel places for single homeless people, 45 emergency beds, and 390 supported accommodation units


  • During the winter, there are additional emergency bed spaces -an extra 86 spaces - more than ever before. We constantly monitor the use of our emergency accommodation to ensure that spaces are available and we aim to predict and address any increase in demand that is likely to occur due to cold weather.


  • We also work with homeless charities such as Huggard, the Salvation Army, Wallich and the YMCA to provide hostel accommodation, the breakfast run, a day centre for the homeless, and a night bus service. 


  • We're committed to working with individuals to support them to access services and our Outreach team works 7 days a week both during the day and into the evening to engage with people sleeping rough or who are at risk of sleeping rough. 


  • Since April last year we have helped 175 people into accommodation that were previously sleeping rough.


  • A wide range of holistic services are available on a daily basis for individuals including medical, mental health and drug and alcohol services, alongside accommodation services 


  • Individuals who sleep rough often have enormously complex issues and in some circumstances choose not to access our accommodation, instead sleeping rough for many years. In these circumstances, our Outreach team works directly with them on a daily basis. 


  • Around 40% of the people sleeping rough in Cardiff come from outside the city and have no local connection. This results in added pressure on services, so where appropriate we work with partners to help reconnect these individuals to their home area.


  • We are continuing to fund a number of innovative housing projects to help address rough sleeping in the city. All of these schemes involve intensive support to address the range of issues that many of those sleeping rough have and to help them to stay in accommodation.