Building more and better jobs

Cardiff residents, local businesses and all those that depend on the Cardiff economy are to be given the opportunity to help shape an ambitious agenda aimed at rebuilding the momentum of Wales' capital city.

Over the next three months the public will be asked their views on a possible strategy designed to make Cardiff and the surrounding area an even better place to live, work and visit following the publication of a county government Green Paper entitled"Building More & Better Jobs".

The new council administration, formed following the council elections in May, understands that over the past quarter of a century Cardiff has been transformed. The administration also appreciates that with the population expected to increase significantly, plans have to be put in place to ensure this growth is managed and is sustainable. It is also important that the benefits of growth are shared by everyone across the city.  

Creating jobs, attracting investment, attracting major events, ensuring that prosperity is shared across Cardiff, increasing earnings; attracting more visitors to the city as well as improving the city's infrastructure is some of the aims to deliver the city's aspirations.

Cllr Russell Goodway, Cabinet Member for Investment and Development wants as many people as possible to participate in the in the Green Paper consultation in order to gain the greatest possible buy in to the council's plans, and to influence future developments to increase jobs and investment.

Cllr Goodway, said: "The aims of the Cabinet have been set out in the recently published policy documentCardiff Ambitionwhich commits the administration to developing a new economic strategy for Cardiff and Cardiff's contribution to the wider region. This is designed to attract business investment and jobs, develop much needed infrastructure and most importantly ensure that the improvements that are made benefit the people of Cardiff.

"There is no doubt that we need to be better connected by improving the transport infrastructure, create more better paid jobs; tackle the issues of inequality and be smart both by embracing technology improvements as well as responding intelligently to the issues that a city has to deal with.

"Working with the private sector, government and our partners, the new strategy will need to set out the Council's intended focus of investment which is in the City Centre, Cardiff Bay, innovation in North Cardiff, a Western Sport Cluster and industry in the east of the city."

The following areas are being proposed as part of the new strategy:

TheCITY CENTREis already the most important business cluster in the region. It is increasingly a place to live as well as work. Our intention is to encourage the continued expansion of the city centre southwards beyond the railway lines through office-led mixed use development.

CARDIFF BAYhas already experienced a comprehensive transformation. It now needs a second push. We want the Bay to become a leading short break destination which will require further investment in leisure-led infrastructure.

NORTH CARDIFFis home to the city's knowledge institutions and some of the most R&D intensive businesses in the city. Both Cardiff University and Cardiff Met are investing in new facilities that will expand their footprint in the city. The Heath Hospital site and the knowledge cluster around Coryton offer opportunities for further growth.

EAST CARDIFF, south of the railway line, is an existing industrial centre primed for expansion.  Benefitting from a range of high quality infrastructure, including the Port of Cardiff and the Euro Freight Railway Terminal, the area has significant potential to deliver more manufacturing, distribution and trade related jobs.

WEST CARDIFFalready accommodates some of the city's premier sporting and recreational facilities. There is potential to build on the success of the new Cardiff City Stadium and House of Sport development to provide a cluster of sporting infrastructure for the benefit of elite sport and for local community use.

The strategy is published a series of questions have been asked in the document to get feedback from the public. During the three month consultation period, public events will also take place and these will be advertised to the public in advance.