Top 10 tips for travel at Christmas


WALK OR CYCLE? -Live locallyandcoming into the city to shop or meet friends? Why not beat the traffic and walk or cycle?

USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT - Using public transport can be quicker & easier than driving into the city. If you live close to a bus stop or a train station, leave your car at home and give it a go -


CHOOSE PARK & RIDE - P&R sites are available to go shopping. During the week, the park & ride site is on the Pentwyn Interchange, off the A48 - CF23 8HH (Drop off/pick up at Churchill Way). During the weekend, an additional P&R facility is available at County Hall - CF10 4UW (Drop off/pick up at the new Central Library.)


WHY DO TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS CHANGE DURING LARGE EVENTS IN CARDIFF? -Roads have to be closed for large events on grounds of public safety. Check the road closures are always advertised in advance.


ARE ALL THE SHOPS STILL OPEN WHEN A MAJOR EVENT TAKES PLACE?-Yes, the city is open for business. If you want to shop in peace when it isn't too busy, try shopping when the event is taking place. This is when the shops are at their quietest.


ON STREET CAR PARKING -If you need to drive into Cardiff, parking is available across the city.We want people to park their car as quickly as possible, so a free App - Park Cardiff - is now available via the App Store or Google Play. This shows residents and visitors where car parking spaces are available. An App is also available for people to pay for parking - MiPermit.


PRIVATE CAR PARKS -If you need to drive into Cardiff,St David's Shopping Centre, John Lewis and the NCP offer car parking in the city centre. The advice is to get to these car parks early - before 11.30 to miss the traffic.


WHEN IS THE BEST TIME TO COME INTO CARDIFF TO GO SHOPPING? The shopping hours over the Christmas period are extended as the demand increases. Visitors are advised come into the city early. The majority of shops open at 9.00am until 6.00pm but the hours of business for shops in St David's 2 start at 9.30am and close at 8.00pm.


GETTING A TAXI?If you are getting a black & white cab (Hackney Carriage) and the journey begins and ends in the Cardiff boundary - the taxi driver has to accept the fare and use the meter unless you are abusive or too drunk. If you are refused a fare, take down the license plate/number, time and location and report it If you are travelling outside Cardiff, you need to agree the price with the driver in advance and a meter doesn't have to be used. All of the information is available here:


WHAT ARE THE RULES FOR PRIVATE HIRE TAXIS? Private hire vehicles can refuse fares. It is an offence for a private hire driver to pick up a fare without prior booking through a licensed operator. The company is not insured to carry passengers unless the journey is pre-booked: