Proposed school holiday and inset day changes up for further discussion

The idea of moving schools holidays in Cardiff is set to be referred to the Welsh Government for consideration under plans put forward in a report to the council's Cabinet. 

The suggestion was first debated by Cardiff Council in July 2016, when it was noted that the cost of a holiday is disproportionally more expensive when schools are off. 

For some families, this could mean choosing between not having a holiday or taking their children out of school during term time, and disrupting their education. 

The Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee has since carried out research to gauge the level of support for the move amongst headteachers, teachers and school governors, with the findings presented as part of the report to Cabinet. 

However, by law all councils in Wales must ensure that they set term times that are the same, or as similar as they can be, across the country. 

This means that any decision to significantly change school holidays must be co-ordinated Wales-wide, with Welsh Government approval. 

Cardiff Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education, Employment and Skills said: "The huge variation in the cost of holidays when schools are off compared to during term time causes considerable financial problems for a lot of families. 

"It has been interesting to see the variety of views in response to the idea of changing the school calendar in Cardiff, but we have a duty to make sure that school holidays in Cardiff remain in-line with the rest of Wales. 

"We will need to work with Welsh Government to explore the feasibility and the effectiveness of moving school term times." 

As well as recommending that Cabinet refers the suggestion of school holiday changes to Welsh Government for consideration, the report also recommends that school governing bodies are able to consider setting their inset days to coincide with religious festivals. 

Cabinet meets on Thursday, October 12 to discuss the recommendations and the full report is available to view online