COVID-19: Retailers that flout government instructions to close warned they risk fines and losing their licences


Non-essential businesses that break government restrictions and remain open have been warned they face fines and losing their licences.


Cardiff Council officers say they have been made aware of pubs failing to close or holding "lock-ins" despite the government announcing on Friday that licensed premises should shut.


Cabinet member for Clean Streets, Recycling and the Environment Cllr Michael Michael, said: "This has got to stop.


"If you carry on then you can expect significant problems obtaining a licence when the time comes to re-open. These rules are here now and it's not a request, it's a government order. We all have to do our bit to save people's lives."


With the extension of the order on Monday night to cover more businesses, the council's Shared Regulatory Service is contacting all affected premises to make sure they understand the new requirements.


Cllr Michael, added: "I do hope the rest of the retail sector will act responsibly and avoid the need for the Council to take enforcement action".


Contact Shared Regulatory Services (SRS) on 0300 123 6696 to report any concerns or to get further guidance