Cardiff Council statement on tents in the city centre

A council spokesperson said: "The Council is aware of the growing number of tents in the city and is arranging a meeting with partners including the police, homeless shelters and charities and businesses in the city centre to develop a way forward. 


"We are concerned that the rise in the number of tents is having a direct impact on the numbers of rough sleepers who are deciding against taking up offers of support to come off the streets to get the specialist help they need to turn their lives around. 


"The issue of homelessness is one which can be seen across the UK. It is an immensely complicated issue and there are no easy or straightforward answers, but Cardiff does have measures in place and enough places so that people do not have to stay on the streets. It is only by encouraging them to take up our offers of support that we can begin the process of helping people off the streets for good."