‘Benefitting the environment and not shareholders pockets’

The Council is launching a new commercial waste recycling scheme which offers the best value for money for customers.

There are many businesses in Cardiff which offer skip hire, but often the price for inert or recyclable waste is priced at the same level as general waste.

Through the council's new scheme, to rent an 8 cubic yard skip for materials such as soil/earth or hard core/rubble costs £96, with an additional charge for a permit if it is put on the highway.

For the same size skip, the price for wood is set slightly higher, rising to £180, again with an additional charge if it is put on the highway.

Cllr Michael Michael, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Environment and Recycling said:

"These prices are based on reclaiming the costs to process the materials rather than making a profit.

"The Council is keen to recycle as much waste as possible, so by being so competitive, we intend to increase our share in the market to benefit the environment and not shareholders pockets.

"We also still provide a service for mixed waste which is set at £240 for an 8 cubic yard skip. This is still cheaper than other competitors, but not to the same extent compared with the recyclable inert material.

"The Council has access to our own waste facilities or we have contracts in place to ensure that waste is managed responsibly. So with these exceptionally cheap prices, customers can be reassured that the waste will not end up being fly tipped, or buried in a landfill site."

For more information on the Council commercial waste services, please visit:

If any skip is put on the highway by any company there is a fee to pay for the licence. For a 7 day permit, the cost is £35 and for 28 days, the cost is £70.

Full terms and conditions and details on the prices and services available will be clearly explained at the time of purchase.